Know Your Zionist Enemy – Arnon Milchan – Hollywood Producer

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Many commentators have mentioned the high instance of pro-Israeli propaganda that emanates from Hollywood. Detractors of the struggle for Palestine label such remarks as ‘conspiracy theories’ in an effort to denounce any truthful revelations that might harm Israel. Yet, when facts are presented, it becomes impossible for Zionists to credibly deny the truth.

When Marlon Brando once, inaccurately, stated, “Hollywood is run by Jews’ he was reacting in a manner that was not thought through properly. His use of the term ‘Jews’ was wholly inappropriate. However, if Brando had, instead, replaced the word ‘Jews’ with that of ‘Zionists’ then he would have been much closer to the money.

The following piece concerns one such Zionist who also just happens to be Jewish. His ethnic identity (real or imagined – see Rebel Voice article, Who Is A Jew?) is irrelevant. What is of great import is his aggressive adherence to that most destructive and unequal of ideologies, Zionism.

Arnon Milchan was born, December 6, 1944 in Palestine. His father was wealthy, owning a fertilizer company which Arnon inherited upon his father’s sudden death. Milchan eventually turned the family business into a successful chemical company. Arnon Milchan studied at the London School of Economics prior to both he and his company being recruited by LAKAM, a secretive Israeli intelligence organisation responsible for the procurement of both technology and materials for Israel’s nascent nuclear program.

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(Robert De Niro, Lech Walesa and Roman Polanski, with Arnon Milchan lurking in the background)

In an interview regarding Arnon Milchan’s intelligence activities, Shimon Peres, a former Israeli president (born in Poland) and responsible for the slaughter of the UN refugee camp at Qana, had this to say:

“Arnon is a special man. It was I who recruited him…. When I was at the Ministry of Defense, Arnon was involved in numerous defense-related procurement activities and intelligence operations. His strength is in making connections at the highest levels…. His activities gave us a huge advantage, strategically, diplomatically and technologically.” (interview dated February 8, 2010, documented in Meir Doron and Joseph Gelman’s “Confidential: Secret Agent turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan” p. xi). (credit to Wikipedia)

It was two years after the above interview that Milchan finally confirmed the claims that he was an Israeli intelligence agent. He further admitted to having used his connections to promote the hated Apartheid regime in South Africa in exchange for their assistance to Israel in the acquisition of uranium for the Zionist state’s nuclear program. Israel continued to support the South African Apartheid regime long after the world had begun the campaign to topple it. It should be noted that South Africa voluntarily abandoned its nuclear program whereas Israel never did.

Image result for James caan on israel

Today, thanks in part to Arnon Milchan, Israel still has nuclear weapons in breach of numerous international treaties, yet the Israeli PM, Netanyahu, blatantly lied to the US Congress House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, on Sept. 12, 2002, with respect to Saddam Hussein’s alleged nuclear capabilities stating, ‘There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking and is working and is advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons – no question whatsoever,’

It should also be noted that Netanyahu made a similar statement to the UN in 2012, accusing Iran of being close to having nuclear capabilities. Yet Israel does have nuclear weapons…

Back to Arnon Milchan and we discover a man who has produced over 130 major motion pictures, all the while remaining an Israeli intelligence operative from the 1960s until the 1980s. Milchan is the owner of New Regency Films (It might be worthwhile for those who wish to intervene in the Palestine Crisis, on behalf of the beleaguered people of Palestine, to boycott all movies produced by Arnon Milchan).

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(Milchan with the Netanyahu family and Kate Hudson)

Milchan is involved in the current corruption scandal surrounding current Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is suspected of having received extravagant gifts from Milchan, and may have been further compromised by granting favours to Milchan in return.

Image result for Arnon Milchan free to use image

There is no doubt that Arnon Milchan has been a central player in Israeli affairs for decades. He has made contacts not only in global business for the benefit of Israel, but has also become accepted as a face of Hollywood. Milchan has wormed his way into the lives of many of the best known stars of the movie industry.

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(with Danny DeVito above, and Anna Faris below)

Image result for Arnon Milchan free to use image

His influence, during that time, is inestimable. We can only guess at the damage that Milchan has done to the cause of Palestine, in both practical terms as well as in the minds of those with the greatest influence within the entertainment industry.

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(Milchan with Leonardo DeCaprio and Steven Spielberg)

For anyone familiar with the modus operandi of Zionists in general, and Israel in particular, they will be in no doubt that Milchan is not alone in Hollywood in terms of his fanatical support for the rogue Zionist state. It is a rarity that Hollywood produces a movie whereby the Palestinians are treated in a sympathetic light, and this is despite the very well documented ethnic cleansing, oppression, persecution and slaughter of the people of Palestine which continues up to and including the present day.

When the Arnon Milchans of the entertainment industry are uncovered, they should be held up to severe global ridicule, and ostracized forever. Such is the heinous nature of Milchan’s offences that any celebrity associated with him should move to immediately distance themselves from such a vile figure.

Related image

(Warren Beatty above, and Justin Timberlake below, with Arnon Milchan)

Image result for Arnon Milchan free to use image

It is said that ‘God works in mysterious ways’, yet there is no mystery in how Israel conducts its sordid business. Zionism requires darkness to survive and thrive. The light of truth will kill Zionism and Israel quicker than any missile. Zionists know this. It is why they have saturated the entertainment and media industries in a concerted attempt at controlling the flow of information that reaches the minds of the global population. Arnon Milchan was, and is, a major part of that campaign of Zionist propaganda.

Rebel Voice hopes that pro-Palestinian activists will assist in revealing the deceitful presence of Zionists in Hollywood and beyond. In the entertainment industry, the spotlight is used to show the stars in all their glory. Perhaps, now, we should turn that spotlight on the individuals within Zionism and watch them squirm, as a disconcerted World awakes from its slumber.

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