ISIS Commander Revealed As Mossad Agent?

It’s no secret that the Israeli assassination agency, Mossad, is guilty of many overseas crimes. They are known to have murdered a number of foreign targets in North Africa through to Iran. They are also strongly suspected of heavy involvement with ISIS, aka Daesh aka Islamic State. The Israeli regime has admitted assisting the terrorists in the Syrian conflict. It has not revealed just how far that assistance has went.

In Libya, an ISIS commander has recently been captured. It has now been claimed that the operative was in fact also a member of Mossad. Israel has long sought to sow discord and strife across the Islamic world. Divide and conquer is their creed. With US Federal complicity, they have successfully brought governments such as those of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE on board with project Israel. They fomented the civil war in Libya as Qaddafi was a thorn in their side. Now, it appears as if they are maintaining a covert presence there to continue to pull strings when necessary. The following is a look at the identity of the captured Daesh leader, and what this means in an international context.

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