ISIS Commander Revealed As Mossad Agent?

It’s no secret that the Israeli assassination agency, Mossad, is guilty of many overseas crimes. They are known to have murdered a number of foreign targets in North Africa through to Iran. They are also strongly suspected of heavy involvement with ISIS, aka Daesh aka Islamic State. The Israeli regime has admitted assisting the terrorists […]

Israel Dragging US Into World War III?

This article looks at the role Israel is playing in encouraging the US to become involved in a full-on confrontation with the major powers in the Middle East. The question must be asked, Is Israel behind the increasing US involvement, or are the US administration and its corporate comptrollers willingly headed to global war? – […]

French Zionist Connection – President Macron

After the illegal and immoral airstrikes recently carried out against Syria by the imperialist powers of the US, UK and France, it is perhaps worth noting the connection that President Macron has to Zionism. Macron has publicly stated, even boasted, that he has ‘convinced’ Trump to keep US troops in Syria for the long-term. Of […]

Lament In The Shadow Of Atlas

          Lament in the Shadow of Atlas I wake upon an Amazigh night Of music, dance and wine To find a World removed by song And drumbeats still, in time, With hearts held high, in simple style, Renewed in shared smiles.   There cooking slow in tangines, vast, The echoes of […]

NATO and US Global Dictatorship Approaching?

The following embedded article contains some very emotive photos demonstrating the destruction wrought by the forces of both the US and NATO around the world. It will be seen, when stepping back from the various conflicts involving the aforementioned entities, that there is a consolidation of power by these military forces, with the intention of […]