Western Waged War Is Responsible For Refugee Crisis And Children’s Deaths

As you read the following report on the migrant crisis, and all the other migrant stories of horror, please remember two things;

Firstly, what we see is not the full extent of just how bad it truly is. We do not get to witness the fear and trauma experienced by those who flee Africa and Asia for a better life. We do not get to see the pictures of a thousand Alan Kurdis lying washed up on a beach like flotsam. We are not told of just how many children drown as they are dragged along, with no choice, into leaking boats.

We don’t hear their screams as the boats go down. We can’t look into their eyes as they plunge into the cold water. We don’t see their faces as they are separated from their parents and we can’t listen to their muffled and gurgled final attempts at protest before they fall beneath the waves, never to be seen again.

We are spared all of this. They are not.

Secondly, the entire migrant/refugee crisis did not exist until the powers of the West, most especially the US, began bombing the shit out of Islamic nations. Like him or loathe him, Gaddafi did provide for his people. When he was in power, there was no flood of migrants.

Like him or loathe him, Assad did not cause the refugee crisis in Syria. Again, it was caused by the malign interference of the US and also, in that case, Israel. After all, the so called ‘rebels’ did not arm themselves with rockets and heavy artillery.

When you look upon images of poor Africans, or Syrians, trying desperately to find better lives for themselves and their children, please remember that such measures only became necessary because the governments of the West made those home nations unlivable.

The Surplass of the West is responsible for the death of Alan Kurdi, and all of the others. The Establishment that lectures us, the people, on how to live our lives, on how to conduct ourselves, on how to be morally justified, is the same small group of dangerously powerful and greedy people who are both directly and indirectly responsible for all the horror that you see on your screens today.

The question then becomes, when will we, the people, rise up to put an end to the bloody excesses of the parasitic 1% who have sought to claim this world for themselves, whilst the rest suffer and drown?

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