French Zionist Connection – President Macron

After the illegal and immoral airstrikes recently carried out against Syria by the imperialist powers of the US, UK and France, it is perhaps worth noting the connection that President Macron has to Zionism.

Macron has publicly stated, even boasted, that he has ‘convinced’ Trump to keep US troops in Syria for the long-term. Of course those are not French troops in Syria who are going to kill and be killed, so it is wholly inappropriate for Macron to make such a suggestion.

But the question remains as to why Macron (and his cohorts) is so intent on seeing Assad toppled from power?

The reason is two-fold.

Firstly, profit. Removing Assad from the field of play opens up the path to more easily attacking Iran and weakening Russia. Syria is currently an ally of the Persian state. Western and Zionist imperialists wish to further isolate Iran, therefore Assad must go. Iran has immense oil-wealth. Any future attempts to gain complete control of Middle East oil-fields will mean that the Iranians must be compliant. There must be a change in the government of Iran for this to succeed. Assad must be removed the better to access Iran. Profit.

The second reason as to why the powers of the West will stop at nothing to remove Assad, including the staging of gas attacks against Syrian people, is Israel. The Zionist regime has long desired the removal of anti-Zionist Assad from power. Israel has plans for the Middle East which are to be realized over a longer period of time. One only has to look at the current map of the region, and the rulers of the various states there, to see how the many political placements and geo-political activities have benefited Israel.


The Gulf States, with the exception of Yemen and possibly Qatar, are now Zionist-compliant. Jordan is ruled by a US lackey, as is Egypt. Turkey is in NATO  and was acquiescent although fractures have since developed there, but not enough for the Turks to seriously challenge Israel. The people of Palestine are being oppressed, brutalized, ethnically cleansed and slaughtered, and all this is taking place under the clear gaze of the governments of the US, UK, Canada, Germany France and the rest. Yet Israel has somehow received de facto immunity to do as it wishes. And it wishes to do a lot of very immoral things.

Israel wants all of Palestine. Of this there can be no doubt. The Zionist entity also seeks greater influence across the Middle East. This is not only to remove any resistance to the idea of an accepted Zionist state, but also to ensure that Israel gets its grubby, blood-stained hands upon the natural resources that lie under the lands of the various countries to be found there. It can be seen that Israel is on a similar path with respect to Venezuela. That Latin American nation has massive reserves of oil which the West and Israel covet. They will not cease in their pursuit of the wealth of others until they have control of it all.

Back in Syria, and indeed across the Middle East, there are certain tactics that the Imperialists have adopted to great success.

President Bashar al-Assad is a member of the Ba’ath Party which is a regional, secular political party. Saddam Hussein was also a member. Imperialist and Capitalist powers, such as Israel, do not want the world to believe that nations of the Islamic world can be secular. They have persistently opposed any resulting socialist tendencies of such nations. Gadaffi’s Libya was an example of a leader sharing the wealth of his nation with his people, in contrast to the Wahhabis. Imperialists can be seen to much prefer the destructive Capitalism of Saudi Arabia. It is easier to control and manipulate the regimes in nations such as those of the Gulf States when they worship money and power attained and maintained by Western weaponry.

When the people of the West look upon the Middle East and North Africa, they today see a rise in Islamic fundamentalism. They hear anti-western rhetoric. They shudder in fear of the apparently religious anger and jihadism that is now directed at the West. Yet this new ‘Islamism’ has been created and fostered by the powers-that-be in the West (and Israel) over decades. It was designed to perform the very role for which it is now noted. It has driven a wedge between the people of Islam and the rest of the world. Such a perception, as has been created in the minds of Westerners, makes it so much easier to convince the populations of countries such as the US to accept any bombings or invasions of such sovereign nations. The latest attacks on Syria are a good example of this. When the US brings its version of ‘democracy’ to a place, many civilians die and profit is King.

If this sounds like some type of ‘conspiracy theory’, then it is advisable for each individual to conduct some basic research into conditions in the Middle East and Venezuela as they are today. Look at the leaders of the pro-Israeli nations. Look at how they were installed and kept in power. Look at what happens to those who dare oppose the existence of the gerrymandered state of Israel. The Imperialist network is vast, as is that of Zionism. They are similar in nature and there are strong overlaps. They work together to achieve their shared goals. Yet often they operate independently, but to a common end.

As an example of just how murky it all is, we need to take a brief look at Emmanuel Macron, current President of Israel. Macron was an investment banker with Rothschild & Cie Banque, the French branch of the Rothschild Group. It should be remembered that the Rothchild family have always been firmly wedded to the Israeli state. It was to Baron Walter Rothchild that Lord Arthur Balfour, British Foreign Secretary, sent his infamous letter effectively handing the land of Palestine to the violent foreign nationals known as Zionists, on 2nd November, 1917.

In 2008, Macron took a position with the Rothchilds having previously been a government official. He was appointed a partner in the bank in 2010. It is said that between 2009 and 2013, Macron made almost €3 million. He also forged a strong relationship with Nestle during a lucrative deal involving acquisitions in 2010.


Macron is known for his strong support of the Israeli state regardless of that entity’s conduct. He has labelled anti-Zionism a new form of Anti-Semitism. In an address to the war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, Macron stated, … we will not surrender to anti-Zionism because it is a reinvention of anti-Semitism.

It is easy, therefore, to see why Macron is so determined to pursue the matter of having Assad removed from power, regardless of his empty rhetoric to the contrary. He is ably assisted by Trump and May, also rabid Zionists.

When Imperialism is in play you get greed, death and destruction. When Capitalism is in play you get greed, death and destruction. When Zionism is in play you get greed, death and destruction. When all three merge in play, you get the current conditions in Syria.



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