Islam – An Introduction

Islam is a religion that is much in the news of late. It is a faith that dates back to the early 7th century and is based upon the teachings of the prophet, Muhammad, who lived from circa 570 – 8th June 632. The Prophet was from the Arabian peninsula, having been born in Mecca. […]

Exit West – Novel By Moshin Hamid

Exit West by Moshin Hamid Nadia is a young Muslim woman in a Middle Eastern city on the brink of a devastating war. At night-classes she meets Saeed, a relatively liberal young man trying to make a better life for himself. Nadia is a free spirit, a dangerous concept for a female Muslim in certain […]

Mughal Empire – Rise And Fall Of An Indian Power

The Mughals were an Islamic Empire that ruled India for about 200 years. Some their leaders were known as relatively progressive for the time and best remembered for their architectural projects, the most widely known of which is the magical Taj Mahal. Their glory days was based around tolerance but a lack of tolerance was […]

Mosul Orphanage Cares For Abandoned Children of ISIS

In this short but touching piece of video, we get to meet some of those involved in caring for the children of ISIS commanders who died in or fled the fighting in Iraq. It is a terrible fact that is often overlooked, but many members of ISIS had children who were innocent of the crimes […]

French Zionist Connection – President Macron

After the illegal and immoral airstrikes recently carried out against Syria by the imperialist powers of the US, UK and France, it is perhaps worth noting the connection that President Macron has to Zionism. Macron has publicly stated, even boasted, that he has ‘convinced’ Trump to keep US troops in Syria for the long-term. Of […]

Palestine Cover Of Me, Myself And I

This is a fairly decent cover of the popular song with lyrics relevant to the oppressed people of Palestine. So long as Palestinians can sing of freedom, they will be free.  – If you care, please give it a share –

You’re Anti-Semitic If…

As Zionism is an ideology based upon the concept of hiding the truth from the world, whilst simultaneously spreading lies and deceiving the people, Rebel Voice has decided to confront just one of the nasty tactics employed by Israel and supporters of the rogue Zionist state. Today, when a person steps forward to condemn the […]

Off The Grid

Off The Grid   by C.J. Box This is yet another in the Joe Pickett/Nate Romanowski series and is more of the same fare, which is to say, good enough stuff in its own way. In Off The Grid, we find Nate (former Special Ops) still on the run from the Feds, at least that […]

Israeli Input Into ISIS

Given the ongoing spate of attacks across Europe by those claiming to be from ISIS, it is perhaps necessary give some logical consideration to such vile occurrences. The article which follows is an avenue of thought that Rebel Voice has allowed, one which might shed light upon the terrible actions of Islamic State. Firstly, to […]

Elcontainer took their name from a notorious Israeli checkpoint. This is a cracking track, whether or not you speak Arabic. Rock on, the World of Islam…