Capitalist War on Socialist Islam – How Imperialism & Zionism Divided The World Of Islam

In our world today, we can see an increase in the levels of Islamophobic sentiment among regular people who now appear to see all Muslim citizens as possible ‘terrorists’.

Whether it be in the US or the UK, France or Australia, those who practice the Islamic faith are coming under attack from those who are blinded by ignorance and spurred on by economic hardship.

Every terrorist attack by Islamic fundamentalists, be they Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shabaab or one of the many other such groups across the globe, leads to innocent Muslims being reproached for the atrocities committed by those who would claim the Koran as their motivation, yet who, in reality, have no real affiliation to the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.

The dangers to, and pressures on, Islamic populations in western nations has become so concentrated that Muslims feel compelled to rush to the fore in condemnation of all such incidents of violence. They accompany their strong disassociation with unnecessary apologies. Yet no one questions why Christians are not being pressured in a like manner when the governments of western and pseudo-Christian nations bomb civilian populations. Did Baptists feel the need to say sorry for every drone attack that was given the go-ahead by Barrack Obama? Clearly, there is not a level playing field when it comes to how Muslim people are viewed in the west.

The entire world of Islam is being scapegoated in what could be viewed as a premeditated manoeuvre by certain nefarious forces to drive a wedge between Muslims and the pseudo-Christian and secular west.

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  • It should be noted that the sketch of the swine, on the poster held by the bigot shown, may be a self-portrait…

Conflict has afflicted multiple Islamic nations with predictable repercussions being felt elsewhere. Yet how many, with an interest in the current trend in belligerent geo-politics, are aware of the recent political histories of those nations now steeped in Islamic division and warfare?

Many of those countries that today are immersed in conflict with an apparently religious reasoning were, not too long before, both secular and socialist. Yemen, for example, had the Yemeni Socialist Party prior to the unification of both north and south. Today the country is in bloodied tatters.

Somalia had its Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party, yet today it is mired in religious extremism. Libya had its Partito Comunista Libiano (PCL) which had strong ties to Italy, hence the title.

In Iraq of today, there exists the Iraqi Communist Party which is still active in local governates. When we think of modern Iraq, we seldom consider that a communist party might exist in a land torn between Sunni and Shia Islam.

Afghanistan was governed by the socialist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan between 1978 and 1992. This authority gave equal rights to women, provided universal education and instituted land reforms across the land. Contrast this with the attitude of the fundamentalist Taliban who emerged after the fall of the socialist government. Today, in Afghanistan, the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan still survives, although it has been forced to go underground. This begs the question, why does the western media not inform its public of the presence of Afghans who strongly oppose such religious fundamentalism as is found in Afghanistan today? Could that media do more to highlight the progressive policies of equality and secularism that such socialist groups espouse?

Pakistan has its Communist Party of Pakistan. We also have the Tunisian Communist Party which eventually morphed into the current Social Democratic Path. Morocco did have a communist party also. It too morphed, and is now better known as the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS). In Algeria, the Democratic and Social Movement (PAGS) became known as Ettehadi, which was fervently opposed to Islamic fundamentalism. This group again was reconstructed as the Democratic and Social Movement, and fights elections today. A splinter of the DSM is the Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism. Algeria is today viewed as an incredibly dangerous place for westerners to visit, and such tourism is discouraged. Yet have westerners been told the full story, so that they might make an informed decision? Scare tactics appear to colour western public perception of this nation.

The Kurds have two socialist groups. The first, known as the Communist Party of Kurdistan (KKP), is affiliated to the Communist Labour Party of Turkey (TKEP). The second is better known, as it is involved in a war of attrition with the Turkish government, and is recognized worldwide as the PKK. This militant group was formed upon Marxist-Leninist principles, yet the people of Europe could be forgiven for believing that the PKK are religious fundamentalists, such is the inaccuracy of reporting on the region.

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                                             Shown is the flag of the PKK.

Indonesia has long had a strong socialist movement. Tan Malaka, a stalwart defender of the proletariat, spoke often of the compatibility of both Islam and communism. Such comparisons are often to be heard, and it can be seen that true Islam has much in common with true socialism, making it an ideology that has found a ready home across the world of Islam. An example is the concept of Zakat, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, which corresponds with the principles of socialism.

Shamsiah Fakeh, of the Communist Party of Malaya, was a prominent member of Malaysian society and an ardent feminist. Such independently-minded women were instrumental in fighting for women’s rights in various Islamic countries. This runs contrary to how Muslim women are often portrayed in the western media.

File:Leila Khaled - Bethlehem wall graffiti 2012-05-27.JPG

  • Leila Khaled, socialist, atheist, member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, freedom fighter.

In Iran, today regarded as a bastion of orthodox Islam, the Tudeh Party once commanded great respect as progressive communists. Today, the Communist Party of Iran is active abroad, and its existence is indicative of the presence of those many Iranians not wedded to religious doctrine.

Egypt has an impressive history of socialist and secular political groups. General Gamal Abdel Nasser was an Arab icon and a socialist famous for his nationalization of the Suez Canal. He also introduced land reforms in Egypt in an effort to alleviate the inequality that existed in his country. Today there is the Egyptian Communist Party (ECP) which is a member of the Coalition of Socialist Forces. Also in this umbrella grouping are the Revolutionary Socialists, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Socialist Party of Egypt, and the Workers Democratic Party. Egypt is well stocked with socialists opposed to religious fundamentalism.

In the Levant, the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) continues to be active and relevant, although it is under threat from Islamic fundamentalists. Syria, a headline every day, also has its modern Syrian Communist Party. This group has split between two factions that both claim the title.

Interestingly, there was once a Communist Party of Saudi Arabia. This group became known as the Democratic Assembly of Saudi Arabia, before being disbanded due to strong pressure from the religious fundamentalist regime in power today. Saudi Arabia is not a place that we in the west would think of as having communists and other secular socialists among its populace.

In Palestine, secular socialist parties were long in positions of authority and respect within communities besieged by the Israeli colonial machine. The former Palestinian Communist Party became the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), which is currently active and relevant within Palestinian society.

The Palestinian Democratic Union is also secular and socialist, as is the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a party with Marxist-Leninist leanings which is influential within the broad church of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO).

DFLP Party logo and flag

Shown is the flag of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Of much importance on any list of socialist organisations to be found in the world of Islam, is the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is yet another Marxist-Leninist, secular party. The PFLP is the second largest group in the PLO. In 2001, Israel assassinated its leader, Abu Ali Mustafa.

Today these secular, socialist parties persist in attempting to stem any move towards what is known as Political Islam, as practised by groups such as Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah. It is unfortunate that political groups in Palestine, as in Ireland, fall victim to that scourge of revolutionary movements, the Split. In Ireland, existing divisions and internecine rivalries were exploited by the colonial invaders to weaken any resistance. This same tactic has been used, with great effect, by Israel to oppress and dominate the people of Palestine.

So why do we now have the ascendancy of Political Islam over those who would adhere to secular and socialist politics across the Muslim nations?

The answer will be found in both the boardrooms and war-rooms of the West.

Socialism in the Islamic world was at its peak during the period when the Soviet Union stood in opposition to US capitalism. During the 1970’s and 80’s, Political Islam was not a factor in Islamic nations. Such a religious fundamentalist approach was deliberately fostered by the powers of the West to directly challenge the Soviets, who understandable supported socialist movements all over the globe. Socialism not only provided a threat to western hegemony, it also provided a threat to western profits.

In Afghanistan, for example, the Mujahadeen were religiously inspired. They were also organised, equipped and funded by the United States of America. The idea was that the government of Kabul, then socialist, would struggle to control the religious insurgents, and would be forced to request assistance from the Soviet Union. The US backed Afghans would then tie the Russians up in a costly and unwinnable war. The conflict was instigated as an attack on global socialism, as well as payback for Russian support for the Vietnamese during their defeat of the US forces in that bloody war.

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  • US President, Ronald Reagan, meets with anti-socialist Afghan representatives, prior to the Afghan war with the socialist government and eventually the Soviet Union.

When the Soviets eventually pulled out of Afghanistan, in 1989, the county went from a land where equality was promoted, to one where religious fundamentalism was dominant, paving the way for the Taliban to seize power and reverse all the social gains that had been made under the socialist government. Al Qaeda emerged from Afghanistan at this time also.

In Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi regime was strengthened under King Saud as a means of combating a national move towards socialist governance. The US courted the Saudis at a time when Russia was making inroads in the region. Truman wanted the get Saudi Arabia onside, a position that the US has maintained to this day in face of appalling conduct by the regime that runs contrary to human rights. Political Islam was preferable to the Western powers, rather than any socialist, secular movement which would have seen the newly discovered oil benefit all the citizens of the unified nation. Today, Saudi Arabia is ill-divided between the haves and have-nots. The Saudi regime remains a favourite of the US, and now of Israel also.

Political Islam, as a potent force, is a western construct. It was a weapon initially used to oppose Soviet expansion. But today, it continues to be used as a means of dividing the world of Islam, thereby weakening the entire Islamic community. This devious tactic allows for easier exploitation of the natural resources that are to be found in those territories.

The chief architect of this policy of perpetual conflict is the US. Their motives are primarily financial. Profits are accrued during war, via arms manufacture and sales within the vast US military-industrial complex. Further profits are acquired via the spoils of war, assisted by the installation of various puppet regimes that operate under the ultimate control of the US. Sisi of Egypt, is a prime example of how such a tactic is employed, although that particular US pet was assisted into power as a means of opposing the uncontrollable Muslim Brotherhood. It would appear, from this example, that only those fundamentalists under compliment to the West are acceptable.

One additional element, and it is an extremely important one, is the grubby hand of the Zionist state of Israel in all of these machinations. Israel stands to gain a great deal from a weak and pliable world of Islam. Islamic nations have been to the fore in opposing the Israeli state. The rise of manufactured Islamic fundamentalism (often mercurial) lends itself to widening the gulf between western nations and those of the Islamic world.

Today, we can see increased levels of distrust within western societies towards those from the Middle East, from African nations with Muslim majorities, and from Asian nations with similar demographics, such as Pakistan. Such unease serves to elevate the position of Israel within the media, and minds, of the west. Israel cleverly portrays itself as the front-line against an all-encompassing tide of Islamic fundamentalism. Zionist government adverts patronisingly present this fallacious position. Israel, consequently, benefits internationally from the existence of groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

  • The video above was misappropriated by Zionists to falsely demonstrate how the Israeli stone giant tries to protect Europe from Islamic terror, shown here as the large rampaging boulder. We can see the threat, in the narrative, in what are the inevitable consequences to Europe if Israel should step aside .

Of course, financial profit does play some part in Israeli thinking, as evidenced by their theft of Syrian oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights, and the current dispute with Lebanon over the right to certain Mediterranean oilfields. Yet Israel’s primary focus is on copper-fastening its position as a perceived guard dog of the West. This buys the Zionist state much slack from the likes of the U.K., France and Germany. It therefore allows Israel to further encroach upon what is left of Palestine.

Citizens should not be fooled into believing that Israel wishes for peace. Israel will not stop its aggression, and ethnic cleansing, until such times as it has complete control, of those parts of Palestine that the Israeli government refers to as Samaria and Judea. Israel will use whatever means are necessary to succeed in gaining international acceptance of its illegal claim to all of Palestine. If this means that Israel must foster religious extremism either in Palestine, or around its borders, then Israel will pursue such a path. Bit by bit they move. Piece by piece they steal.

It has been commented upon, by many observers of the conflict in Palestine, that Israel are grateful for the existence of groups such as Hamas. Such a religiously oriented revolutionary organisation, as Hamas are, allows the Zionist state to claim that it is they, Israel, who are righteous in face of religious extremism. Of note is the strong Israeli state approach to public Jewish orthodox protests. Israel does not wish for the West to see that there exists in Israel, such Jewish groups as are on a religious par with ISIS. These religious cults find space to breathe in the Occupied West Bank, upon stolen Palestinian land. The authorities in Israel, are trying desperately to effect a balance between their desire to see all of Palestine settled by Zionist Jews, with the inevitable consequence that those same Jews, who do wish to settle upon stolen land, are primarily religious fundamentalists. It’s a tricky manoeuvre to pull off successfully, yet Israel perseveres.

Image result for Israeli advert on terrorism

  • Israel settlers in the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, regularly engage in acts of intimidation, brutality and murder of the indigenous Palestinians. This includes attacks on children. Seldom do such reports gain the attention of the media in the West.

As Palestinian socialist groups that are also secular, pose a serious threat to the specious narrative that Israel is drawing up, it can be seen that Israel has, and will continue to, foster Hamas. The recent alleged Israeli assassination of the Hamas leader, Mazen Fugaha, in Gaza could be viewed as an attempt to provoke Hamas into a predictable response which will then be used by Israel to embrace victim-hood, allowing them again to launch its customary military barrage upon Gaza. Israel has also assassinated other Hamas leaders periodically, such as Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai in 2010, and Mohamed Zaouari in December 2016, in Tunisia. Such killings serve to ensure that heightened tensions remain within Gaza, and Palestine. It is easier, then, for Israel to expand upon hostilities at a whim.

Israel is also known to have interfered in the internal affairs of many other Islamic nations. In Iran, for example, Israel has been blamed for the killings of a number of physicists and engineers, including Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, who died in an explosion in July, 2012. In Syria, they were responsible for the assassination of a number of both Hamas and Hezbollah operatives. In Lebanon, Israel regularly kills those who would, firstly, most strongly oppose the Zionist state and, secondly, by dying provoke the strongest reaction against Israel that can then be utilised for propaganda purposes. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Dubai, as well as a number of European nations, have all been the sites of Israeli assassinations.

A list of Israel assassinations, though not compete, can be accessed via the address listed below. It makes for scary reading, and is an example of just how far the Israelis will go to provoke those organisations who have certain religious motivations, or none.

A recent development in the actions of Israel in using religious extremists such as ISIS, is the documented support that the Zionist state provided (and provides) to the al-Nusra Front in Syria. Al-Nusra is known as the Syrian Al-Qaeda, and consists of religious extremists determined to establish a strict Islamic state in Syria. It has since merged with other similar groups to become Tahrir al-Sham, with the same aims and methods as before. Israel is known to have been providing medical assistance to al-Nusra fighters. Many commentators state that the Zionists have also provided military assistance in tandem with the efforts of the  agencies of the US, who are hellbent on removing Bashir al-Assad from power in the Syrian state.

Both Israel and the US will comfortably create, organise, equip and work with Islamic fundamentalists in pursuing their agendas of destabilising nations so that profits and gains might be wrung from them. We can see how the fortunes of both aforementioned states, incorporating western capitalism and Zionism, are intertwined. Both favour one another. Both seek to weaken the Islamic world. Both desire power, profit and domination. Both exist to exploit. Both care nothing about the suffering and abject poverty they inspire. If exposed properly across the globe, both will eventually fail.

Those who understand the reasons for the emergence of political Islam can only look on in horror as religious terrorists drive ever deeper the wedge of distrust and resentment between western populations and those of the Islamic world.

Those with eyes that are wide open, know that attacks in the US, France, Spain and the UK are caused by the same capitalists and Zionists who scream the loudest about action needing to be taken to combat said attacks. The public, therefore, need to be made aware of the truth, yet the western media, owned and controlled as it is by capitalists and Zionists, remains silent about the origins of Islamic fundamentalism. Said media does not tell the citizenry about the natural socialist and secular tendencies that exist within all Islamic populations, tendencies that could and should be encouraged as a means of combating the vile capitalist/Zionist chimera that is religious fundamentalism.

We, the people, can only hope that independent and conscientious news outlets succeed in overcoming the dangerous propaganda that has been disseminated by the corrupted ‘mainstream’ for decades. When this information war is won, and when the world’s population comes to understand that the dangers of terrorism today are caused by those who ultimately control news reports that hide the truth, it can be expected that the global backlash against both capitalism and Zionism will be immense.

The people of the Islamic world have nothing to hide in so far as their morality is concerned. However, those who have fostered and maintained Islamic extremism, and Political Islam, have everything to hide, as they have everything to lose when the world awakens to the reality that it is capitalists and Zionists who are to blame, as they continue to wage war upon the noble socialists of Islam.

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