Capitalist War on Socialist Islam – How Imperialism & Zionism Divided The World Of Islam

Here’s another chance to read about how Western imperialism and Zionism managed to divide the world of Islam by playing upon sectarian rivalries and, in doing so, removed Socialism from the fore within Islamic nations as well as promoted Islamic fundamentalist extremism.

Rebel Voice

In our world today, we can see an increase in the levels of Islamophobic sentiment among regular people who now appear to see all Muslim citizens as possible ‘terrorists’.

Whether it be in the US or the UK, France or Australia, those who practice the Islamic faith are coming under attack from those who are blinded by ignorance and spurred on by economic hardship.

Every terrorist attack by Islamic fundamentalists, be they Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shabaab or one of the many other such groups across the globe, leads to innocent Muslims being reproached for the atrocities committed by those who would claim the Koran as their motivation, yet who, in reality, have no real affiliation to the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.

The dangers to, and pressures on, Islamic populations in western nations has become so concentrated that Muslims feel compelled to rush to the fore in condemnation of all such…

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