Weaponized Diseases Used By Saudi Regime In Yemen?

It’s a terrible war. It’s a humanitarian crisis. It’s avoidable. It’s unnecessary. It’s the conflict in Yemen.

Children are dying there in their thousands. The western media is downplaying the seriousness of the circumstances to be found in that beleaguered nation. Western governments are complicit in the atrocities carried out by the Saudi regime. Western governments sell weapons systems to that Saudi regime. The Saudis are slaughtering civilians in Yemen.

Now there is a new school of thought on what the Saudis are engaged in. This line of reasoning has studied the figures for recent disease outbreaks in Yemen. It has found that the many diseases now prevalent in that nation (measles, cholera, dengue fever, malaria) are originating in areas under Saudi control or influence, and spreading. Is there a deliberate policy by the Saudi regime to use outbreaks of disease to weaken and overwhelm the resident population? Take a look at the following article and see for yourself.

Note: this video was initially banned by Facebook, before a challenge managed to get it reinstated. Do you trust Fb to be impartial in global politics?

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