North Korea Journal – Travelogue of Michael Palin

North Korea Journal by Michael Palin (2019) Michael Palin is (at time of writing) 76 years of age. His career as a comedian, actor and adventurer of sorts has taken him across Africa, to both Poles, through the Himalayas, Latin America and now into The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). This book is his […]

China To Open World’s longest Sea-bridge

The People’s Republic of China really knows how to get things done. Constructing huge bridges, erecting tall buildings in record time, arresting dissenting Muslim citizens, they are experts at it all. In the following clip, we get to see the longest sea bridge on our planet. This marine highway connects the islands of Macau and […]

Siege Of Leningrad – A Question Of Survival

The siege of Leningrad began on 8th September, 1941 and lasted until 27th January, 1944, 872 days after it began, making it one of the longest and most brutal in history. The Soviet army battled detachments from Germany, Finland and Italy during that time. Approximately half the population of the city was evacuated prior to […]

Agent Orange – Legacy Of US War On Vietnamese People

The Vietnam War was an unjust attack upon the people of Vietnam, by the US government and its agencies, which spread to adjoining nations. During the bloody conflict, the US regime employed the use of chemical agents supplied by the Capitalist behemoth, Monsanto. Among these was the toxin known as Agent Orange. This brutal pollutant […]

Cuba’s New President To Uphold Socialist Values And Continue Success

In this article we see how the newly elected President of the Socialist Republic of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, has vowed to continue along the path set out by the Castro brothers and all the revolutionaries who founded the modern Cuban state. It must be a hope of all socialists that the beacon of humanitarianism lit […]

Satori – Novel by Don Winslow

Satori  by Don Winslow This literary gem is kinda like the thinking man’s Bond. It might make you feel that Jason Bourne has now met Indiana Jones. Satori is an espionage thriller of the highest calibre that will leave you gasping for more. The novel is based on Trevanian’s (Rodney Whitaker) novel, Shibumi, which Don […]

Palestinian Socialist Song Of The PFLP

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) was founded in 1967 by George Habash. It is a Marxist-Leninist organisation that is strongly anti-Zionist and is traditionally the second largest of the Palestinian political groups in the occupied territories of East Jerusalem and the West bank. Israel and its Zionist backers do not wish […]

Nuclear War Imminent Between US and North Korea

Although the US and North Korea have agreed in principle to meet in May, there is a long way to go before it happens. Analysts all know that the DPRK will not surrender their nuclear weapons. Why would a state give up the only means it has to defend itself from another state that has […]

Rosa Luxemburg – Socialist Martyr

‘Those who do not move, do not notice their chains’,  the words of Rosa Luxemburg. Rosa was born 5th March, 1871 in Zamosc in Russian controlled Poland. She was of Jewish heritage and spoke German, Polish and Russian. Luxemburg was strongly socialist from her earliest years and moved to Germany to further her ambitions of […]

Interview With Subcommandante Marcos Of The Zapatistas

Rebel Voice is pleased to be able to present an interview with the spokesperson and one of the leaders of the socialist Zapatista movement, Subcommandante Marcos. In this piece, Marcos discusses the position of the oppressed peoples of the Americas in relation to global Capitalism, especially as espoused by the USA. – If you care, […]

Intro To The PFLP (Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine)

This very short clip gives a general introduction to the Marxist group, The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. It should be noted that, regardless of Israeli and Zionist propaganda to the contrary, the Palestinian people have long been secular in their outlook. It suits the fetid Zionist agenda to foster religious fundamentalism within […]

The Waterboys – Red Army Blues

This is a special song by The Waterboys which comments upon the bravery of the Russian forces who defeated the Nazi regime at great cost. Many of those who sacrificed much then found themselves on the wrong side of Stalin, a rabid Capitalist who controlled a Communist Nation. Many of the images that accompany this […]