Agent Orange – Legacy Of US War On Vietnamese People

The Vietnam War was an unjust attack upon the people of Vietnam, by the US government and its agencies, which spread to adjoining nations. During the bloody conflict, the US regime employed the use of chemical agents supplied by the Capitalist behemoth, Monsanto. Among these was the toxin known as Agent Orange. This brutal pollutant destroyed the vegetation of the region. But a more lasting legacy of the chemical is the high incidence of birth defects to be found in the population of Vietnam today. The US were guilty of war crimes then, yet were never held accountable for it. Rebel Voice wonders how long the US Empire can get act with impunity in its barbaric attempts to acquire global domination?

The following link will take the reader to an article on the topic well worth reading.

The havoc wreaked upon the people of Vietnam was not just the work of a few rogue, depraved individuals. It was a policy of murder and intimidation approved at the highest levels of government.

via The Unspeakable Brutality of the U.S. War Against Vietnam Must Never Be Forgotten — United States Hypocrisy

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  1. I served in Viet Nam in the Australian Army. There was always what looked like an oil slick on our water, it was a pestercide sprayed onto the dam, in Vung Tau, agent orange etc, there were serveral different agents, was sprayed onto the city’s water supply to kill the shrimp and deny the enemy any protein. Everyone had to drink that water so it went right through the city as well as countryside. This is a criminal act but Monsanto was never brought to justice.

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