10 Most Dangerous Snipers, Ever

This list providers a cursory look at the sniper, an operative who terrifies military personnel everywhere. Although snipers are in the news recently, due to Israeli use of these soldiers against civilians in Gaza, they are an effective tool in warfare against combatants. It’s a tad shocking to hear of just how many lives the […]

Agent Orange – Legacy Of US War On Vietnamese People

The Vietnam War was an unjust attack upon the people of Vietnam, by the US government and its agencies, which spread to adjoining nations. During the bloody conflict, the US regime employed the use of chemical agents supplied by the Capitalist behemoth, Monsanto. Among these was the toxin known as Agent Orange. This brutal pollutant […]

Billy Joel – Goodnight Saigon

Perhaps this song could serve as a reminder for those who believe that they are patriots, when they follow orders given by war mongering politicians who have not the courage to serve in wars themselves, in defence of their own countries, but would instead send young men and women to do the killing and dying […]

The Reason You’re Alive

The Reason You’re Alive   by Matthew Quick This gem of a novel came out of nowhere and landed on my desk, and I’m glad. Vietnam War veteran, David Granger is 68 and has just had his twin removed from his brain, literally. Poor David was said to have absorbed his unfortunate sibling and no one […]


Book Review Gilliamesque   by Terry Gilliam This is an intriguing auto-biography by the only non-English member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Terry Gilliam started out as a cartoonist in the US. He was involved in political activism in the States at a time when the Vietnam war was developing. It was there that he […]