China To Open World’s longest Sea-bridge

The People’s Republic of China really knows how to get things done. Constructing huge bridges, erecting tall buildings in record time, arresting dissenting Muslim citizens, they are experts at it all. In the following clip, we get to see the longest sea bridge on our planet. This marine highway connects the islands of Macau and Hong Kong to mainland China. Of course, one problem they face is the fact that motorists drive on opposite sides of the road in different places there. On the mainland they drive on the right whereas in Hong Kong they stay on the left. The vehicles must change from one to the other as they travel along the bridge.

So relax and take a gander at the future of sea travel in the region. However, if the Democratic Unionist Party of the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland see this, then they will step up their futile campaign to have a bridge built linking Ireland and Britain. Imagine that, a right-wing British Unionist party on the same wavelength as the Chinese communist movement. It’s a strange world we live in.

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