US Military – Latest Technology (Including nano-bots) – Skynet On The Way?

Robots, robots, robots, the bloody things are everywhere. They are almost as prevalent as zombies or vampires. Our species is racing headlong into a Brave New World as corporations and governments try to maximize profits regardless of consequence. But where will it all end?

The use of advanced technology to save lives, during surgery for example, is to be welcomed. But when warmongers start to view technological developments as the means to waging more effective and total war, then we know we are in trouble.

The following clip looks at some of the new weapons the US military have developed or are developing. The one that Rebel Voice finds of most interest at this time is the futuristic gun that fires a net to take down drones. Given the high incidence of spying using ROVs, and the very real proposal that they be used for retail, by Amazon for example, this weapon could become very popular in the not too distant future. Imagine the Highwaymen of the future shooting down delivery drones using the tool shown – Dick Turpin meets Judge Dredd. Palestinians, however, have their own methods for taking down drones, it’s called a slingshot and is much less expensive if a tad basic (fits in the pocket though).

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