Israeli Apartheid In Jerusalem – Residents Face Dilema

The Apartheid policies of the rogue state of Israel have been well documented by this time. Housing, jobs, roads, infrastructure, electric and water supply are some of the ways in which the Zionist state has sought to punish Palestinians. These measures can be seen most clearly in East Jerusalem where, although the Palestinians must pay their taxes, they cannot avail of the same amenities as the Israeli squatters ensconced there.

The Palestinians are marginalized and effectively abandoned as their communities stagnate. This is part and parcel of Israeli governmental policy. It’s a direct and blatant attempt to force Palestinians to move elsewhere. It’s ethnic cleansing by stealth. The authorities of the West know but do nothing beyond mealy-mouthed words of reproach. The Palestinians continue to suffer.

The following article introduces us to some of the residents and helps us to better understand their plight.

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  1. Interesting to observe how desperate circumstances can in fact lead to altering generations old patterns, however given this situation has to do with Israel, there is hardly a guarantee participating in the election would benefit the Palestinian population… the Zionists will certainly find other ways to inflict injury upon them…

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