Global Legacy Of Fidel Castro

This article looks at the influence that Fidel Castro had across the globe and across generations. His presence was a positive in a world sadly devoid of good governance. The Earth is a poorer place for the passing of El Comandante. Rebel Voice still mourns the loss. – If you care, give it a share […]

Cuba And Venezuela Unite

The Cubans are a solid example of good governance in defiance of the fascist policies of the US Empire. Rebel Voice would suggest that a strong bloc of socialist nations, opposed to US inspired capitalism, should be enough to slow or even stop any further schemes by the Empire.

Cuban Brigade Of Doctors Celebrated In South Africa

The Henry Reeve Brigade from Cuba is made up of doctors and other medical personnel. It is often the first into disaster zones across the planet. The people of Cuba fund the Brigade, even though those same people suffer from an economic blockade imposed illegally (under international law) by the US, and supported by Israel. […]

Indian Communists Lead The Nation

The following article from teleSur gives a remarkable insight into the communist Indian state of Kerala. From women’s and LGBT rights, to the abandonment of the caste system, to free health care, the Keralan state government is miles ahead of the rest of the nation. India is second only to China in terms of population, […]

Assassination of Che Guevara

Che Guevara is legendary, yet real. His self-sacrifice demonstrated the best in humanity. The assassination of Che was an act of cowardice by those who know little of honour or ethics. He will be remembered when no one knows the name of the dogs who killed him. The article below gives us some further insight […]

Stunning Soviet Poster Design

The Soviet Union, like communism in general, started out with the most noble of aims. Sadly, though, it may be that our species is yet ready to fully embrace such an honourable concept. It might be centuries before the entire planet can understand the beauty of true and pure communism. Perhaps, given the constant rush […]

Defining both ‘Socialist’ and ‘Capitalist’ In Human Terms

Socialism – a political and economic theory or system in which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by the community collectively, usually through the state. ┬áCapitalism – an economic system based on the private ownership of industry. Socialism – a political and economic theory which holds that a country’s land, transport, natural […]