Stunning Soviet Poster Design

The Soviet Union, like communism in general, started out with the most noble of aims. Sadly, though, it may be that our species is yet ready to fully embrace such an honourable concept. It might be centuries before the entire planet can understand the beauty of true and pure communism. Perhaps, given the constant rush to war, it may be too late for Homo Sapiens who appear to lack the wisdom indicated in their Latin title.

In the meantime, the best we can hope for is a strong socialist ethos to be adopted in as many countries as possible, although Capitalists, such as Stalin, will always try to infiltrate the socialist system.

In this post from teleSur, we can see the opposition to racism, and exploitation, that existed in the early Soviet Union. Much of the original artwork in posters of that time was dramatic and stunningly attractive. It was usually of the art-deco school, and is much sought after today for home decoration. If only the messages on them were still adhered to…

Eternal vigilance is necessary to prevent the disintegration of the socialist dream.

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