Right-wing Agenda Exposed As Venezuela Burns

The current crisis in Venezuela should not be underestimated by any who care about national and personal freedoms. There is a right-wing agenda at play across Latin America, with events in Venezuela being only one element of a greater regional plan designed in Washington by neo-cons. The article that follows, should help the reader to […]

Muslims Replace Jews As Scapegoats

The startling thing about what is covered in the following article from Vocativ, is the resemblance to pre-World War 2 Germany. At that time the Jews were made into scapegoats for the economic hardship suffered by the German people. An angry and disillusioned population need to vent their anger somewhere, and in Germany it was […]

Evo Morales Condemns US Aggressions

Evo Morales is well respected in both his own country and abroad. He is a humanitarian, and someone who the people of the world would do well to listen to (unless, that is, they wish to doom us all to perpetual global conflict, with the resultant massive profits going into the pockets of the Surplass).

Right-wing Media Stir Violence in Venezuela

This article, from Sputnik, is revealing in that it gives some insight into the extent to which anti-government terrorists, and their supporters in the media, will go to in an attempt hide the truth of the violence in Venezuela. George Soros would appear to have his grubby hands everywhere that he shouldn’t. The media is […]

Stunning Soviet Poster Design

The Soviet Union, like communism in general, started out with the most noble of aims. Sadly, though, it may be that our species is yet ready to fully embrace such an honourable concept. It might be centuries before the entire planet can understand the beauty of true and pure communism. Perhaps, given the constant rush […]

Reflections On The Ten – Poem By A.D.

This piece of verse comments upon the major occurrences of the poet’s life. It moves in a cryptic manner through global events coming to rest upon the tragedies that marked his life more fully than the others. “The Ten” refers to the Irish hunger strikers who were martyred in the H-block protests of 1981.   […]

GAA in Moral State of Decline

Much commentary upon the GAA has, of late, focused upon the unfortunate approach of many players and supporters towards the more unsavoury incidents that occur during and after games. Incidents such as diving, off-the-ball-blocks, sledging and petulant excuse-making have garnered headlines and provided opportunity for complaint. However, they could also provide an opportunity for reflection. […]

Irish Republic? Where?

Recently, as I was listening to the news segment on Today FM – an Irish Free State radio station owned by a rampant Capitalist – I noted a report upon the proposal that all Irish citizens are to be given the right to vote in Irish Presidential elections. This franchise is to be extended to […]

Paying Lip Service to Decency

Paying Lip Service to Decency Superficial democracy, Specious freedoms, Packaged in materialism And wrapped in choking ribbons Of accumulating debt; Presented to a gullible populace Blinded by sinister concessions To the worst excesses Of the Human Condition.                                     […]

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Dawn of the Dreadfuls  by Steve Hockensmith The title says it all, a book set in the time of the much lauded Bennet family, but one where vicious zombies (is there any other kind?) have returned to cultured England after a previous war to exterminate them failed. This book is […]

Refrain of the Working Classes

This piece of verse, shown on the caption, has been provided by the Socialist Irish poet, ‘A.D.’, and speaks of the strength of the working classes as they battle to preserve their dignity and freedom in the face of that scourge of all humanity, Capitalism. Here is an updated version; Working Class Creed No specious […]