Indian Communists Lead The Nation

The following article from teleSur gives a remarkable insight into the communist Indian state of Kerala.

From women’s and LGBT rights, to the abandonment of the caste system, to free health care, the Keralan state government is miles ahead of the rest of the nation.

India is second only to China in terms of population, yet it is light-years behind China in the social conditions of its people. Whether or not one agrees with communism, it will be seen that it has helped to lift the people of China out of dire conditions.

Communism has also served the citizens of Kerala in the same manner. Perhaps a strong socialist approach is the only means whereby the nation of India will emerge from its history of extreme hardship and inequality.

Kerala is demonstrating what can be achieved. The bloodied and greedy forces of capitalism should not be allowed to obstruct the true progress of the Indian nation. Let Kerala lead the way.

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