Israel forces held Palestinian child overnight then abandoned him far from home —

Israeli occupation forces detained four Palestinian children in Hebron, then held a 13-year-old boy overnight, before beating him and abandoning him far from home.The incident, which occurred on 5 December 2018, was reported by Israeli human rights NGO B’Tselem yesterday.On the afternoon of the day in question, Palestinian children were throwing stones at Israeli occupation… via […]

Imagine there is no war, my friend. — johncoyote

Imagine there is no war, my friend. Dear child, the world weeps blood. Whole world blinded by hate and separation. Who will tell the child? He was born with no chance or opportunity, born to learn to survive daily. Living in refugees camps. Unwanted and forgotten. ——————————– By a River I drove […] via Imagine there […]

US Federal Government In State Of Moral Terminal Decline

So the United States regime has decided to pull out of the United Nations Human Rights Council? What next? Will they ban puppies and children’s TV shows? Perhaps they will pass an edict that instructs all citizens to spit on anyone under the age or 7? The US federal administration is imperialist in nature. Of […]

Letter From Gaza To Justin Trudeau

The Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau, is known for openly weeping at the plight of Syrian refugees. He likes to be portrayed as a compassionate man of the people who will stand with the oppressed. Yet it seems that he has no tears for Palestine. The following is a missive to Trudeau from Gaza asking why […]

Palestinians Move To Unite For Protection Of All

All Palestinian communities inside and outside Palestine are living in a state of blockade, varying in its form and degree of severity, but the siege on the Gaza Strip is the ugliest, cruellest and most comprehensive. It is a siege imposed by the Israeli occupation, while the local situation contributes to its continuation and consolidation,… via […]

Israeli Police Harass Israeli Human Rights Activists

In the northern city of Haifa, Israeli police are arresting activists who are organizing demonstrations against the violence in Gaza. Illustrative photo of Palestinian protest in Haifa. (Maria Zreik/ Israeli police arrested and interrogated a number of Palestinian and Jewish political activists from the northern city of Haifa over the past several days, due to… via […]

Eastenders’ ‘Nasty Nick’ Condemns Israel During Rally

John Altman is well known for playing the character known as Nasty Nick in the highly popular English soap, Eastenders. In this brief interview, he speaks about Israel and his anger at the slaughter being perpetrated upon the people of Gaza and wider Palestine by the Israeli regime. If you care about these issues, please […]