Facebook Censors Anti-Saudi Content As Kingdom Moves To Behead Female Social Activist

The conduct of the Wahhabi regime who currently run the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is no secret. The dictators of that oil-rich Middle Eastern entity have sought to oppress their people whilst further strengthening their position in the region. The civilians of Yemen have suffered greatly due to the Saudi drive to dominate the Arab world. School buses full of children have been destroyed by Saudi aircraft. Towns and cities are under continuous bombardment as the US and UK governments, and their military-industrial complexes make vast profits from the sale of missiles.

But inside Saudi Arabia there is no end to the violation of the human rights of the citizens there. Executions are commonplace, often for the most trivial of offences. Last year, almost 150 people were beheaded for crimes such as rape, drugs and armed robbery. Trial procedures are regarded as suspect in many cases. Limbs are chopped off for what the Saudis feel are more minor offences.

Of course, there is also the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of a Saudi journalist, deemed a dissident by the regime, who has not been seen since entering the Saudi embassy in Turkey many days ago. It is feared that he has been murdered by the regime to silence him.

Anyone who stands up for their rights in Saudi Arabia is deemed hostile to the state and runs the risk of execution. Israa al-Ghomgham, a 29-year-old social activist was arrested for her defence of human rights 3 years ago. Today, Saudi prosecutors are trying to have her executed. Saudi Arabia is an ally of the US, UK and Israel.

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