Facebook Pogroms Orchestrated By Military-Industrial Complex?

So Facebook has went full fascist and banned hundreds of non-MSM news sites? Well, it was expected by those who have been observing the social media giant. It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Facebook is so far ahead of all other similar platforms as to have total power. It doesn’t help that […]

Facebook Threatens Closure Of Group Over Anti-Israeli Cartoon

The story of the Facebook pogrom against independent media outlets is growing hourly. Millions of customers have been robbed of their followed sites by the social media leviathan in a move designed to smother all independent commentary and sharing of news. It has long been accepted that Facebook operates a strongly Zionist policy, with those […]

Facebook Community Standards Are Double Standards

Any regular users of Facebook will be familiar with the system of blocking that the media giant employs. These methods of punishment are applied based on whether or not users contravene Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’. Unfortunately, the application of such blocks appears to be wholly arbitrary, dependent upon the topic or group targeted. For example, Facebook […]

Zuckerberg A Self-appointed Truth Marshall?

Anyone familiar with the workings of Facebook will be aware that the social media giant contains a number of clear political biases. For example, Facebook has decreed that Zionism is to be protected within its environs.This is a partisan position on a geopolitical issue. When we look at Zuckerberg himself, and assess his bona fides, […]

Zionist Interference In WordPress Content?

Regular followers of Rebel Voice will be aware that this site is strongly supportive of Palestine and the beleaguered people there. This blog has created and shared a great deal of content that is strongly pro-Palestinian. None of that content is illegal unless opposing Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and war crimes can be said to be […]