Facebook Community Standards Are Double Standards

Any regular users of Facebook will be familiar with the system of blocking that the media giant employs. These methods of punishment are applied based on whether or not users contravene Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’.

Unfortunately, the application of such blocks appears to be wholly arbitrary, dependent upon the topic or group targeted. For example, Facebook has selected certain categories that are to receive special protections as they are described as ‘vulnerable’. The political ideology of Zionism, which is a supremacist concept that accepts and even encourages ethnic cleansing, is one such group. More on this particular topic can be found here:


Yet Facebook’s protection of the actions of the Israeli regime stretches beyond the stated protections given to Zionism. Irish users of the platform have discovered that when others make remarks about the genocide of the Irish famine, it is deemed acceptable, yet similar remarks about other genocides are not. Questioning the Holocaust is a surefire way to get blocked or removed entirely from Facebook. Of course no one should be rubbishing such calamitous events in world history, regardless of who suffered. Yet no single group should have a monopoly on suffering and grieve. Parity of esteem does not appear to hold on the corporation owned by the Zionist, Mark Zuckerberg.


One contributor to Rebel Voice was recently blocked from Facebook for 30 days. On this occasion it was for being allegedly guilty of harassment/bullying. The disallowed comment was set within the context of a heated debate on Palestine and took place on the site of the Jerusalem newspaper, Haaretz, which has a record of opposing those commentators who are anti-Zionist, and from which threads many pro-Palestinians have been blocked by Facebook.

When a staunchly pro-Israeli contributor launched into an unwarranted attack upon the Irish pro-Palestinian, mentioning the Gael’s crotch in relation to the flag of Palestine, the Irishman responded with the following retort:

Dopestein by name, dopey stain by nature. Go back and finish riding your mother, you inbred jackal. Thanks for the compliment on the flag though. You’re right, it is nice 😉

As you will observe, the comment could not be said to be reserved or refined. The gentleman is the first to admit that he can use coarse language. But then again, such verbal abuse is the norm between both pro-Palestinians and pro-Israelis. There was no other comment made by either, but the person in question, whose name is allegedly Dopestein, presumably reported the comment as an instance of bullying and or harassment. But is it bullying? Is it harassment?

Harassment involves repeated contact of an unwanted nature. It does not apply in this case as there was only one response by the Irishman to unsolicited verbal abuse form the pro-Israeli. Bullying is when someone is victimized by another. This is not applicable as the pro-Israeli in question initiated the aggressive tone of the contact  and cannot then be said to be a victim. The Zionist may have found the Irishman’s retort unpleasant, but it cannot be said to be either harassment or bullying. Yet that is how Facebook categorized it.

The Irishman stated to Rebel Voice that he has been the target of death threats and much verbal abuse from Zionists from both Israel and beyond (Rebel Voice has confirmed these claims) on Facebook, yet believes that little has been done by the corporation to mete out appropriate punishment. This stands in stark contrast to the manner in which Facebook deals with those who condemn Israel and highlight its crimes against humanity. Even a crude remark to a pro-Israeli aggressor warrants a sizable ban from all Facebook features, effectively removing the user from the site.

After appealing the aforementioned 30 day block, Facebook had this to say to our intrepid Irish Facebook combatant on 3rd, October:

Your post doesn’t follow our Community Standards.


We’ve reviewed your post again and it doesn’t follow our Community Standards.

This post goes against our Community Standards on harassment and bullying

If such comments, as that made by the Irishman, were to be regarded as going against ‘Community Standards’, then such rules must apply to all. However, this is not the case. The Irishman involved in the incident above, who has been blocked, was previously recording other instances where pro-Israelis made strong comments. He had reported these comments in an effort to gauge Facebook’s response. This is what he discovered.

The following comment was made by a well-known member of the infamous Israeli propaganda gang, Hasbara, and is regarding Right To Return protesters who were injured or murdered by the Israeli snipers in Gaza (all of those shot, including those who died, many of whom were children, were unarmed).

Manuel Kris @Janet. Let us play a game: Guess which if those millenial ragheads gets shot. 😂

This comment was reported and Facebook found that it ‘doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards’.

Here we have Manuel Kris again commenting on the shooting dead of a 16-year-old child in Rafah, Gaza,

Manuel Kris Nicely done!! Perfect shot.

When this comment was reported to Facebook, they had this to say:

Thanks for your feedback

20 Sept

Thank you for your report – you did the right thing by letting us know about this. We’ve looked over the comment, and although it doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards, we understand that it may still be offensive to you and others.

Clearly, applauding the killing of a child is not a breach of Facebook ‘Community Standards’, yet an Irishman being rude to an aggressive Zionist is.


In the following, we can see how Islamophobia is not considered inappropriate on Facebook. This image was posted by Cooper Monte:


When reported, Facebook responded thus:

Thanks for your feedback

23 Apr

Thank you for letting us know about this. We’ve looked at the photo, and although it doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards, you did the right thing by letting us know about it.

It is clear that Facebook is operating double standards when it comes to the world of Islam, Palestine and those who would support the rights of the people there. It is also clear that Israel, and those who support that rogue state, are being given preferential treatment by Facebook.

Rebel Voice asks all those who use Facebook to document their experiences, recording this form of Apartheid and discrimination. Take screenshots of the contradictions evident in how Facebook deals with reported breaches of its ‘Community Standards’. Copy and paste the decisions made by Facebook in their ‘Support Center’. When sufficient evidence has been amassed, it may then be possible to bring a class lawsuit against the social media giant for its prejudicial conduct. If nothing else, such factual information can be used to build a narrative that, when made public, will clearly expose Facebook for the biased, Zionist propaganda centre that it is.

Until the people who are being exploited and abused by Facebook stand together and become proactive in tackling such inappropriate behaviour, then the discrimination will continue. Don’t be a victim. We can stop it. We must act now.


If you care about this issue, please tell others 


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  1. Yitty Shteierman

    This is the 4th time this month that I was shut down by FB. I commented on joe the hoe that is true but so many worse comments of violence and hatred are posted yet I get shut down for 30 days. Facebook are demonrat libtards who don’t deserve success. They don’t let you post your opinion and their double standards are horrific!!!! we need a competitive website/app to facebook that is welcoming to one and all as Freedom is America. This is ludicrous.


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