Zionist Interference In WordPress Content?

Regular followers of Rebel Voice will be aware that this site is strongly supportive of Palestine and the beleaguered people there. This blog has created and shared a great deal of content that is strongly pro-Palestinian. None of that content is illegal unless opposing Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and war crimes can be said to be so.

Recently, Rebel Voice has been experiencing a number of problems related to the Palestine category on this site. Although there are 50+ articles in that particular category, the admin team at Rebel Voice can now only access the first 7.

This problem does not occur in any other category.

When WordPress customer service have been notified, they have been unable to find any problems within their own systems. They believe that any interference must be coming from the outside. Rebel Voice has been in existence for just over one year now. Many of the Palestinian articles published have been among the most popular on this platform. Now the admin staff cannot access them.

It is strange that only articles pertaining to Palestine are affected. Although WordPress personnel can fully access the entire Palestine category, the links they send to admin do not work. The customer service at WordPress is second to none. The staff are polite, professional and a joy to interact with. They are not at fault here.

With this in mind, can I ask readers to check out the Palestine category on Rebel Voice to see how many articles they have access to? Rebel Voice would greatly appreciate feedback on this issue so that we might establish what is happening and why?

(please don’t suggest clearing the browser cache as it has been done repeatedly)

                                *** UPDATE ***

As soon as Rebel Voice published this article, it was viewed in the Palestine Category to ensure there were no problems, and exactly at that time the entire content of said category became available to admin for the first time in 2 weeks…

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