Facebook Conducts Massive Pogrom Of Independent News Sites And Pages – Free Voice Under Attack

Any readers familiar with the social media giant, Facebook, will be aware of the confusing and partisan practices that the corporation employs in policing its platform. Mark Zuckerberg has publicly stated that he has taken steps to remove what he terms ‘fake news’ from user’s news feed. However, there is no indication as to what parameters are being set in defining such news and who exactly is behind designing these parameters.

The following video is from Rachel Elise, an independent social media user who had close to 70,000 followers. Her page was inexplicably taken down with only vague reasoning given. She has stated that other independent sites have also been removed. Sites such as Police the Police, the Free Thought Project and Anti-Media have also been blocked. Listen as she explains the draconian methods used by an increasingly authoritarian Facebook.

This next video looks at the block of other major independent sites by Facebook. The Free Thought Project had 3.1 million followers and Anti-Media had 2.1 million. These were heavy-hitters in the world of the independent media. They were blocked by  Facebook Head of Cybersecurity, Nathaniel Gleicher who is a former White House National Security Council Director of Cybersecurity policy. His reasoning, beyond his job title, is questionable and Rebel Voice feels that Gleicher is no natural friend to Palestine. His, and Facebook’s, actions on Thursday, 11th October, 2018, in removing pages followed by millions of Facebook users have been roundly condemned by those who respect the free voice.

Finally, the next clip provides us with a list of at least some of those sites blocked by Facebook on disingenuous grounds. The numbers of followers are impressive. Rebel Voice was one of them. It would seem that Zuckerberg and his corporation have declared open war on those who refuse to conform to a mainstream narrative dictated by corrupt oligarchs and Capitalist corporations. History will not absolve him and his acolytes.

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