USA Is Most Socially Unjust Western Nation – UN Report

This look at the recent report from the UN is shocking in its conclusions. To think that the US is the most imbalanced western nation will come as no surprise to many. However, when the UN publishes a report to state this, just after the US pull out of the UN Human Rights Council, is […]

Scottish Balladeer – Dick Gaughan – Craigie Hill

This is a haunting Scottish ballad performed by the Glaswegian maestro, Dick Gaughan whom has the voice of a hard-drinking Scottish angel who would sing you to happiness, or knock your fuck in, dependent upon how you behave. Any country would be privileged to have a musician such as Dick Gaughan. This song will tug […]

International Immigrants Day

Here are some facts and figures regarding the emigration and refugee crisis that affects millions across our world today. The suffering is unimaginable and avoidable, yet continues. – If you care, give it a share –

Bernadette McAliskey Speaks On Social Injustice (2016)

Bernadette McAliskey (nee Devlin) is a socialist stalwart who has given decades of her life to the cause of Irish socialist republicanism. She has suffered for her beliefs, as have her family and friends. Yet Bernadette has never been daunted and has pushed forward on her path. She is an example of the great but […]

US Spends Billions On Weapons Whilst Its Citizens Live In Need

Having lived and worked in the US, I can state that there are high levels of poverty and social deprivation there, especially among the minorities. Ethnic, religious and racial groups are marginalized and ignored. The images that stream into our homes of the prosperous US with Ferraris and fine clothes are a fallacy. The truth […]