US Spends Billions On Weapons Whilst Its Citizens Live In Need

Having lived and worked in the US, I can state that there are high levels of poverty and social deprivation there, especially among the minorities. Ethnic, religious and racial groups are marginalized and ignored.

The images that stream into our homes of the prosperous US with Ferraris and fine clothes are a fallacy. The truth is hidden from the outside world as well as many US citizens. Segregation is widespread and this disconnect feeds the problem.

There is wealth in the US, much of it. Yet it is concentrated in the greedy claws of a tiny number of people. The rest either have little, or have just enough which they are paying dearly for whilst living in debt that is used to control them.

The following article from teleSur gives us some insight into the current priorities of the US imperial regime. As the citizens of Brownsville, Watts, the Appalachians, the First Nation reservations and many more areas, including the almost entirely deserted towns of New England, live in need, their government is spending billions on fighting wars in foreign lands with the express purpose of dominating the people there. The aim is further control, exploitation and theft from those have have next to nothing to begin with.

If we are to have true change in this world, then the US must drastically change its ways. That change will only come about when the citizens of the US stand up against an increasingly immoral federal administration.

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  1. John Peter HANNON

    The US spends more money on defence than the next 20 countries combined of which 19 are allies. One super aircraft carrier has more aircraft than most countries, one has to wonder why!


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