Isaac Watts Verse – Brexit Dilemma Prophesied

Isaac Watts (1674 – 1748) was a man of his time. He was a (pseudo-) Christian minister who wrote hymns, theorized on theology and fancied himself a logician. He has been credited with writing more than 750 hymns, many of which are still in use today. Rebel Voice wonders if either the hymns were atrociously […]

USA Is Most Socially Unjust Western Nation – UN Report

This look at the recent report from the UN is shocking in its conclusions. To think that the US is the most imbalanced western nation will come as no surprise to many. However, when the UN publishes a report to state this, just after the US pull out of the UN Human Rights Council, is […]

The Tellurian Hammer Of Myth – Poem of Protest

  Here we have a piece of verse that looks at the roles assigned to us even from birth. Whether it be a caste system, social distinctions or income levels, many children are pigeon-holed even before they are born. Societies often have expectations of the place in society that a child will have, and this […]

Children Who Starve And Children Who Suffer – Who Can Turn Away?

The following short clips looks at the reality for many children today that sees them hunger, and often die, from a preventable lack of food. In some nations excess food is thrown into bins. In others, children search through bins for enough scraps to keep themselves alive. It’s a terrible crime. It’s a horrific sin […]

The Surplass Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
‘… the loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!’ Today, the same can be said for the existence of the Surplass (that class of people who are surplus to requirement) who control the flow of both money and information across the globe, particularly in…

US Spends Billions On Weapons Whilst Its Citizens Live In Need

Having lived and worked in the US, I can state that there are high levels of poverty and social deprivation there, especially among the minorities. Ethnic, religious and racial groups are marginalized and ignored. The images that stream into our homes of the prosperous US with Ferraris and fine clothes are a fallacy. The truth […]

Trocaire Supporting Palestinians

This short video from Trocaire shows us a little of what the people of Palestine have to endure at the bloodied hands of the Israeli regime. Trocaire supports the Palestinians in their efforts to secure peace and safety from the Apartheid practices of the rogue Zionist state.

Eurovision Entry For The Socialist Nation

Hats off to the person in the following cartoon who had to sing their way through this list of the nations of the world (with the exception of Israel which is a colonial state and NOT a nation). It does give us a blatant truth in that Capitalism has, and will, always fail. It operates […]

Cheques and Balances

Cheques and Balances   Something’s not right, correct, proper, It feels offset and out of order; As I reach for my receipt from painted nails A painted smile spits goodbye as off I go.   My designer shoes feel light and soft But still not right, Yet I can’t find what ails my mind. I’ve […]

Summary from a Dark Place

Summary from a Dark Place The patchwork sky is undecided, hold or release Trees wait patiently, and shuffle in anticipation Troubled minions flit and fight, almost oblivious As the World turns Unabated   The wireless whispers that which I already know Miles from here Strong clammy stained hands clutch at life Steal it away The […]