Children Who Starve And Children Who Suffer – Who Can Turn Away?

The following short clips looks at the reality for many children today that sees them hunger, and often die, from a preventable lack of food. In some nations excess food is thrown into bins. In others, children search through bins for enough scraps to keep themselves alive. It’s a terrible crime. It’s a horrific sin that there should be such inequality and injustice that sees the best and most innocent among us suffer.

The solution will only come when our species comes to understand that Childcentricity is the only way forward. Any species that deliberately turns its back on those children who need help is not a species that deserves to inhabit such a beautiful planet. It’s a question of percentages. Are there enough people who both care and will do something about it? So where does humanity really stand?

This next is a story from Guatemala, a country riven by war and conflict perpetuated by outside imperialist forces.

If these videos don’t make you sick, and angry, then nothing will. As terrible as the truth is, it should not be ignored. Humanity will not change anything if we pretend that it doesn’t happen. Facing into the awful tragedy of our unjust societies is the only way to prevent such crimes from taking place. Childcentricity is the path to take for a better future for all our children and for all our people.

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