Children Who Starve And Children Who Suffer – Who Can Turn Away?

The following short clips looks at the reality for many children today that sees them hunger, and often die, from a preventable lack of food. In some nations excess food is thrown into bins. In others, children search through bins for enough scraps to keep themselves alive. It’s a terrible crime. It’s a horrific sin […]

It was better before

               It was better before Ma says the wind’s coming, the bad wind. But I see nothing wrong. It’s very warm today. My best friend and his grubby little brother have gone. Their wrinkled Grandpa lives somewhere safe they said. Da is dead. The cough got him.   I […]

Upon realising there is no escaping the truth

Upon realising there is no escaping the truth   A filthy river trundles on, its greasy skin I see As a sun shines forth on an empty morn To rise the cursed in front of me. Plastic bags from branches dangle, The fruit of progress blooms, I watch, As shaken wretches stir from slumber Soiled […]

The Free Market Without Food – Anti-Capitalist Poem

The Free Market Without Food The Capitalist’s plump paws pinched his purse tightly as he looked at me, forlorn. I’m well-fed but hollow, he said, But I can’t stop what I am.   And the greasy tears swept down His shiny bloated face And the insatiable desires gripped fiercely As he shuddered violently And shook […]