Isaac Watts Verse – Brexit Dilemma Prophesied

Isaac Watts (1674 – 1748) was a man of his time. He was a (pseudo-) Christian minister who wrote hymns, theorized on theology and fancied himself a logician. He has been credited with writing more than 750 hymns, many of which are still in use today. Rebel Voice wonders if either the hymns were atrociously bad, or Watts had little else to do with his time.
As you will see from the title image, Watts also wore a wig. It’s difficult to imagine the debauched society that made the wearing of wigs de rigeur. How, for example, did the ordinary working man and woman view such frivolities? Even today, when Rebel Voice looks at the many obnoxious judges with their gaudy wigs on, an almost unbearable desire to laugh builds somewhere just below the rib-cage.
Yet even a broken clock is correct twice a day and perhaps Isaac Watts was no different. The following is a short verse of his that could be applied to the Brexit debate currently raging in the UK and further across Europe.
The EU is governed by Capitalists and their corporate financiers. The UK is governed by Capitalists and their corporate financiers. The people of the UK are faced with the choice of one group of exploitative parasites or another – damned if they do leave the EU and damned if they don’t.
The answer, of course, is to tear the system down and rebuild one that is based on equality and mutual respect. The Surplass need to be removed. They can not be negotiated with. They are unreasonable and cannot be reasoned with. The system is broken. The system is beyond repair. The system is also in operation in the United States. One party of corruption and immorality, or another.
The words of Isaac Watts, ironically, manage to sum up the dilemma that the ordinary people are undergoing. Will we continue to fuel the Matrix or will we ever find the energy, cohesion and good sense to break free, and create a global society that we can be proud to hand down to our children? Here’s Isaac Watts and his verse that can be remembered by all.
So when a raging fever burns,
We shift from side to side by turns;
And ’tis a poor relief we gain
To change the place, but keep the pain.
Isaac Watts

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