Top 10 Extreme Weather And Natural Disaster Movie Scenes

For some, extreme weather events are a thrill and something to be observed and/or experienced. For others, they are hell on earth. It’s this stark contrast that demonstrates our fascination with extreme weather, from whatever angle, and the movie makers know it.

Hollywood has produced many notable natural disaster films, and they all do well at the box office. It seems that we, as a species, are enthralled at that which can destroy us. Perhaps, for some at least, we enjoy looking at extreme weather events from the safety of our seats, confident that it will never really affect us. For those other chosen few, it provides the thrill they seek, if only virtually or by proxy.

Regardless of the reasons, our interest in such natural occurrences is understandable and has been there as long as we have. Some cave-dwellers would have watched electrical storms with excitement and awe from the mouth of their stone abode, whereas others would have hidden in the back of the cave under mammoth furs trembling furiously.

The following video looks at 10 of the best natural disaster movies. There may be others that you could suggest should be on the list, like when your aged grandmother farts after having eaten half a dozen boiled eggs. Now that’s a natural disaster.

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