Dick Gaughan – The Father’s Song

Dick Gaughan is not only a Scottish folk hero, he’s a global folk sensation. His performances will send shivers of the best kind down your spine. The lyrics to his songs speak of everyday trials and dreams. The Father’s Song is a beautiful critique of the world as it really is. This is a true […]

Top 10 Extreme Weather And Natural Disaster Movie Scenes

For some, extreme weather events are a thrill and something to be observed and/or experienced. For others, they are hell on earth. It’s this stark contrast that demonstrates our fascination with extreme weather, from whatever angle, and the movie makers know it. Hollywood has produced many notable natural disaster films, and they all do well […]

Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies

We Homo Sapiens have been having a perverse love-affair with the Apocalypse for many decades now. This has moved from the sub-culture of 70’s zombie movies to the mainstream. Whether it’s an asteroid strike, global warming, aliens, pandemic or the aforementioned zombies, western societies seem hellbent on living vicariously through the end times. Psychologists will […]

Top 10 Guns For Apocalypse Survival

If we are to take our cue from the plethora of movie and TV series currently doing the rounds, then Armageddon, or some variation of it, is edging ever closer. With global war on a shaky horizon, and Ebola on the rise in the Congo, again, we could be forgiven for thinking that our species’ […]

Top 10 Post-Apocalypse Landscapes In Movies

Apocalyptic movies are all the rage these days. Aliens, nuclear war, pandemics, ubiquitous reality TV, there are many scenarios depicting the end of the world as we know it. The ‘cultured’ West appears to have a fascination with a total break-down in society. Perhaps this is a sign of a deep unhappiness with how those […]

Russia Versus The United States – An Analysis

The US Outspends Russia 10X On Military, But They Are Equals. Why? Dmitry Orlov Another brilliant essay from Orlov in which he addresses the incredible bumbling incompetence of the US in contrast to Russia’s intelligent competence – Orlov is spot on. A whiff of World War III hangs in the air. In the US, Cold […]

10 Best Science Fiction Movies?

There are too many great sci-fi movies to be viewed in one sitting – unless you are Sheldon Cooper – yet it is entertaining to take a peek at some of the most recent or best known. In this list, we get a glimpse at those that concern apocalyptic events. – If you enjoyed this, […]

Hawking Speaks On The Danger Humanity Faces

As the world laments the passing of the eminent physicist, Stephen Hawking, we can remind ourselves of how he viewed the world and the immediate dangers faced by our species. Hawking was a man of great intelligence and compassion. His words should carry weight. Sadly, those who control our planet are those who are deaf […]