Top 10 Guns For Apocalypse Survival

If we are to take our cue from the plethora of movie and TV series currently doing the rounds, then Armageddon, or some variation of it, is edging ever closer. With global war on a shaky horizon, and Ebola on the rise in the Congo, again, we could be forgiven for thinking that our species’ time on this beautiful planet is all but up.

So, if you are a prepper, or are considering such a lifestyle, then the following list provides you with some hints as to the best weapons for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Of course, if the end is to come through war, perhaps from rising sea-levels and resultant conflict due to population pressures, then disregard this list and look for a new one. Rebel Voice will see what we can do to help you out there, so stay tuned.

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