The Last – Thriller by Hanna Jameson

The Last by Hanna Jameson American and historian, Jon Keller, is attending a conference in Switzerland when the anticipated Apocalypse takes places. It’s nuclear war that gets us in the end. Most of the guests at L’Hotel Sixiéme flee in search of flights and trains home. But Jon finds himself stuck there with twenty others, […]

Fever – Apocalyptic Thriller From Deon Meyer

Fever by Deon Meyer It’s our near future and the world as we know it has come to an abrupt halt. It was a fever that brought an end to our global societies, an unexplained fever. Few survived, and of those who did even fewer made it through the Darwinian regression that followed. Thirteen-years-old Nico […]

Top 10 Extreme Weather And Natural Disaster Movie Scenes

For some, extreme weather events are a thrill and something to be observed and/or experienced. For others, they are hell on earth. It’s this stark contrast that demonstrates our fascination with extreme weather, from whatever angle, and the movie makers know it. Hollywood has produced many notable natural disaster films, and they all do well […]

Lord Of The Flies – Classic Story By William Golding

Lord of the Flies by William Golding It’s likely that most readers will beware of this classic tale of how our species is programmed for conflict, and society merely masks it. But how many have actually read it? If you would like know a little more about Lord of the Flies, then stay with us […]

Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies

We Homo Sapiens have been having a perverse love-affair with the Apocalypse for many decades now. This has moved from the sub-culture of 70’s zombie movies to the mainstream. Whether it’s an asteroid strike, global warming, aliens, pandemic or the aforementioned zombies, western societies seem hellbent on living vicariously through the end times. Psychologists will […]

Top 10 Guns For Apocalypse Survival

If we are to take our cue from the plethora of movie and TV series currently doing the rounds, then Armageddon, or some variation of it, is edging ever closer. With global war on a shaky horizon, and Ebola on the rise in the Congo, again, we could be forgiven for thinking that our species’ […]

Top 10 Post-Apocalypse Landscapes In Movies

Apocalyptic movies are all the rage these days. Aliens, nuclear war, pandemics, ubiquitous reality TV, there are many scenarios depicting the end of the world as we know it. The ‘cultured’ West appears to have a fascination with a total break-down in society. Perhaps this is a sign of a deep unhappiness with how those […]

Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips

It seems that the walking dead are everywhere these days, reality TV, politics, the Tories, Israel, the White House. A culture has grown up around what means could be employed for survival in the event of such an apocalyptic scenario. Let’s hope that life doesn’t imitate art, in this case. – If you enjoyed this, […]

10 Best Science Fiction Movies?

There are too many great sci-fi movies to be viewed in one sitting – unless you are Sheldon Cooper – yet it is entertaining to take a peek at some of the most recent or best known. In this list, we get a glimpse at those that concern apocalyptic events. – If you enjoyed this, […]

Top 10 Movie Zombies

Love them or loathe them, zombies are everywhere. In your home, school, supermarket, pub and nightclub. There are also many members of the walking dead alongside the zombies too. For those who have a thing for the brain-eating uglies, here is a list of some of the most memorable. A few are tongue-in-cheek, a few […]

Strange Weather – Joe Hill novel

Strange Weather  by Joe Hill This is a collection of four short novels by King the Younger, one of two male novelists sired by that master of horror writing, Stephen King. Joe Hill does have some of his auwl fella’s physical characteristics, but it’s his writing and the high standard therein that most readily marks […]

Alien Attack – How Would Humanity Survive?

This jovial documentary looks at what would happen if aliens arrived on Earth. Although it is all speculation, it is fun (or perhaps terrible) to think about the possibilities that we could encounter. Will they come in peace? Or will they leave us in pieces? – If you care, give it a share –