Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies

We Homo Sapiens have been having a perverse love-affair with the Apocalypse for many decades now. This has moved from the sub-culture of 70’s zombie movies to the mainstream. Whether it’s an asteroid strike, global warming, aliens, pandemic or the aforementioned zombies, western societies seem hellbent on living vicariously through the end times.

Psychologists will point to an increasing disconnect within our societies. As we are forced further into official pigeon-holes, we react by engaging in fantasy. It’s a symptom of communal unhappiness. The human obsession with soap operas could be said to be a similar psychosis. So it’s TV, movies, video games and books that influence us and it’s there that we play out our savage dreams.

Rebel Voice cannot claim to be innocent of this ailment as this site regularly presents stories in this genre. Debates rages, here, as to whether or not art is dictating life. Global warming increases regardless of the many voices raised in protest. Asteroid strikes are always possible. Aliens likely can’t be bothered to invade as we’re too much trouble to remove without destroying the planet. Ebola is fighting to mutate and spread, so pandemic is increasingly likely. We look to the arts for global disaster, but the truth is that we’re staring it in the face but perhaps don’t fully realize it.

What a gloomy start to the new year! Rebel Voice will crawl back under the duvet and shut the screaming world out. Meanwhile, here’s a list of 10 of the best post-Apocalyptic movies to see before that Apocalypse gets here. Who knows, you might even find some useful tips for surviving it. Rebel Voice will advise that when the zombies arrive, don’t get into a heated argument with your companions as you will all get eaten. Instead, find a large boat or ship and stay there quietly, foraging as and when you need to. Live the life and watch the others all get chomped. Happy surviving!

For a good read on the end of the world as we know it (with zombies), read the following book:

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