Extreme Sports – Jetmen Fly With Jetplanes

Here we have yet more human insanity as a man with a jet-suit flies alongside jet fighters. Just when you think that there are no further crazy escapades that our species can take part in, along comes someone who thinks it a good idea to strap a jet engine to his back. What next? Rebel Voice supposes that someone will give control of nuclear warheads to a clown or lunatic or something… wait a minute…

You would be forgiven for wondering if flying with this suit would be preferable to flying with Ryanair. There might be more room for luggage in the jet-suit and you could land wherever you want, not half a country away from your intended destination. Watch the video and be amazed at the audacity of our kind.

For more wacky human endeavour, have a scally at this video link of wing-suits. They’re every bit as crazy, just without the engine.


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