Extreme Sports – Base Jumping And Wing Suits [with footage]

Humans are mental. OK, not all of us but quite a lot. How else can you describe a species that will throw itself out of a perfectly good aeroplane with only a piece of nylon to stop you from hitting the earth at 100 mph?

Skydiving is an extreme sport. Yet some adherents take the practice to a whole new level with base-jumping. This involves throwing yourself from a fixed point such as a clifftop or very tall building. Being so close to such structures whilst falling at a tremendous speed carries with it obvious dangers.

Then there are those skydivers who have decided that they want to make like a bird. These hardcore, death-defying lunatics (meant affectionately) don suits that resemble the skins of Flying Squirrels. The effect is to allow the wearer to glide directionally. This provides a great adrenaline high as granite cliffs go rocketing past the person as they aim for gaps in valleys and try to skim the rockface. It’s a truly exceptional piece of adventuring that is only undertaken by those with supreme confidence and a spirit of incredible derring-do.

The following video gives you some insight into this most amazing of sports. Humans are mental.

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