Know Your Zionist Enemy – John Mann – British Politician

With the latest attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, it is worth remembering this particular individual Labour Zionist who has not disappeared from the scene entirely (more’s the pity).

Rebel Voice

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The stupidly grinning buffoon above is the British Labour Party politician and Zionist activist, John Mann. Although he looks as if he should be doing gaudy second-rate stand-up at Great Yarmouth during the waning summer months, Mann is a notorious supporter of Israel. So, instead of being an embarrassingly poor ventriloquist with a freaky puppet on his lap that tells inane jokes about the toilet, Mann is less than that and gives every appearance of being a facile dummy with Israel’s hand shoved up his ass.

It was on 28th April, 2016, that Mann infamously accosted British Labour MP and humanitarian, Ken Livingstone, in which John Mann accused the 70 years old Livingstone of being a ‘Nazi apologist’ and a ‘fucking disgrace’.

The entire encounter was a set-up, and T.V. cameras were there to record the verbal insults to Ken, a former mayor of London. The Zionist, Mann, can be…

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