Isaac Watts Verse – Brexit Dilemma Prophesied

Isaac Watts (1674 – 1748) was a man of his time. He was a (pseudo-) Christian minister who wrote hymns, theorized on theology and fancied himself a logician. He has been credited with writing more than 750 hymns, many of which are still in use today. Rebel Voice wonders if either the hymns were atrociously […]

Right-wing Media Stir Violence in Venezuela

This article, from Sputnik, is revealing in that it gives some insight into the extent to which anti-government terrorists, and their supporters in the media, will go to in an attempt hide the truth of the violence in Venezuela. George Soros would appear to have his grubby hands everywhere that he shouldn’t. The media is […]

Venezuelan People Rise Up To Support Government

President Maduro speaks with strength in this piece. It stirs the blood to hear such a man of honour refuse to bow down to the right-wing morons who would see the people of Venezuela on their knees once again, as they were before the brave Hugo Chavez stood up and declared that they would be […]

US Vultures Wants Venezuelan Oil, Will Kill To Get It.

Oil.Oil.Oil. Venezuela has it. The US wants it. It’s no coincidence that Venezuela is the one nation that the Surplass of the United States has focused it’s malevolent gaze upon. No other Latin American nation has the oil reserves of Venezuela. A coup was instigated by the capitalist hawks of the US, when Hugo Chavez […]

US Taxpayer Pays for Construction and Destruction

The story that follows, from teleSur, is indicative of the plots that are hatched by state forces around the globe. The US created the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan to counter the socialist government there at that time. From the Mujahedeen emerged Al Qaeda who turned their attentions to fighting the US. US tax dollars paid to […]

NATO and US Global Dictatorship Approaching?

The following embedded article contains some very emotive photos demonstrating the destruction wrought by the forces of both the US and NATO around the world. It will be seen, when stepping back from the various conflicts involving the aforementioned entities, that there is a consolidation of power by these military forces, with the intention of […]

Yemen Victims of US Policies

It’s nauseating to hear Trump state his concern for children who are harmed by Syria, whilst at the same time he arms the Saudi regime who are slaughtering civilians in Yemen. His administration is also a supporter of Israel who are conducting a policy of Apartheid across Palestine, and have held a siege of the Gaza […]

Media Bias Evident

The following report is from Associated Press, and demonstrates the hypocrisy that exists within western governments. Although Israel is documented as having slaughtered thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and across the rest of Palestine, the Zionists state is still in favour with the European Union. Yes, the EU occasionally offer some mealy-mouthed criticisms of […]

AIPAC Rules, The United States

Mint Press is an all-too-rare example of the Free Press. This post demonstrates perfectly the corruption that exists within US government circles due to the undue influence of Israel. If the people of the US could only see the truth, regarding the malign influence that the Zionist state exerts, and the financial cost to the […]

Palestine and the Media

I use Facebook, on occasion, to better understand some of what is taking place across the world. Although the social media giant does censor some of its content, there is still a wealth of information, including video, to help educate those such as myself who remain suspicious of the bias extant within the western media. […]

Freedom fighter versus terrorist

Terrorism is the buzzword now attached to evermore groups and causes around the world. However, a question that Rebel Voice has often considered is, who gets to determine what exactly constitutes terrorism? Some might say that it is the killing of civilians and non-combatants. Yet state forces all over the world engage in such tactics and […]