Yemen Victims of US Policies

It’s nauseating to hear Trump state his concern for children who are harmed by Syria, whilst at the same time he arms the Saudi regime who are slaughtering civilians in Yemen. His administration is also a supporter of Israel who are conducting a policy of Apartheid across Palestine, and have held a siege of the Gaza Strip for decades now.

The mainstream media, long a focal point for attack by Trump, are actually assisting him in smothering the truth about the actions of the US government across the globe. It was always clear that Trump is a blood-thirsty capitalist, who wishes for war because war means profit. It was also painfully obvious that his opposition to the mainstream media was designed to win the support of a disgruntled working class in the US, who he needed for victory.

However, we can now see that the media, that he attacked, are now onside with him in regards to his foreign policies. It should come as no surprize that the people have been played, by a man who has only his own self-interest at heart. The mainstream media are still corrupt, and morally bereft of any true humanity. It is up to the citizens who have been taken for fools, i.e. those who voted for him, to raise their voices in objection, their fists in anger, and to take to the streets of the United States in protest at the scheming evil perpetrated by Donald Trump.


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