The Solipsist’s Refrain

Here we have another offering from our resident poet on Rebel Voice, A.D.

In The Solipsist’s Refrain, the author touches lightly upon the profound philosophy of Solipsism, which is based upon the premise that the only fact that we can know for certain is that the individual exists. Everything else is conjecture.

René Descartes once remarked, ‘Cogito ergo sum’, translated as ‘I think, therefore I am.’ He was of the belief that only the process of thought, by the self, could be relied upon to be actual. In a more modern setting, we can see that the movie series, The Matrix, also references Solipsism, as the hero Neo breaks free of the virtual reality in which humanity lives, in the service of the machines. The question being asked is, how do any of us know that we are not likewise being deceived.

Solipsism is a true head-wrecker, if you get into it too much. It’s probably best to gloss over it and then go get a burger.

In the following verse, the poet has written what could be termed an existential love poem, in which he states that regardless of any virtual world, or imagined existence, he is still glad to have known the girl to whom the lines are addressed, even if she is just a figment of his imagination. Awww! (I’m filling up here…)

The Solipsist’s refrain

If my life is illusion,

Existence a dream,

Created by virtue of a curious view,

Then alone I exist,

Though imagined it seems,

Yet I’m endlessly glad that I thought of you.


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