Children Of Yemen – Is There Hope Of Protection For Them Yet?

The continually emerging stories from Yemen are heartbreaking. We constantly hear of Saudi airstrikes on hospitals, schools and residential areas. The children of that land are being slaughtered, and those who survive are severely traumatised. The governments of the West could intervene. The UN could intervene. They issue bland statements to cover their well-padded asses […]

Yemeni Children – A Lost Generation

As terrible as any armed conflict is, there are additional hidden costs to the societies involved that are often overlooked. As someone who grew up in a war-zone, I have observed and experienced the effects of constant aggression as warring sides fight for supremacy. There is the public face of war; the bombs and bullets; […]

Children Of Yemen – A Heartbreaking Portrait

It’s the crisis that the governments of the West want to smother. The conflict in Yemen has created a human catastrophe to rival any and it’s all avoidable. The problem is Saudi Arabia and its ruthless pursuit of total domination of the Arabian Peninsula. The Wahabbi regime is being assisted in their quest for power […]

Trump Rejects Halting Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia as ’Punishing Ourselves’ — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

Trump Rejects Halting Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia as ’Punishing Ourselves’ Alwaght– US President Donald Trump rejected on Saturday halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia over alleged murders of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the kingdom’s consulate in Turkey’s Istanbul. Responding to calls for blocking military sales to Saudi regime, Trump reporters at the White […] […]

Yemeni Children Starving And Dying Due To Warmongers And Their Egos

There is much hardship in our world, most of it man-made and therefore avoidable. When images of injured or starving children appear on our screens or monitors, it is understandable that many would wish to turn away. The photos are sickening. Yet to ignore the truth of what is taking place is to allow it […]

Yemeni Children Bear The Brunt Of War

As unpleasant as war is for adults, it is much worse for children. The young rely on grown-ups to protect them. They seek reassurance from the older members of their families and wider society. When war hits, children are left feeling even more vulnerable as there is no one to keep them safe. Parents can’t […]

Yemeni Children Speak Of Their Experiences

In this emotionally tough video, children from Yemen recount their lives during a war perpetuated by the US, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel. As the rulers of these regimes play their vile games, the children of Yemen suffer and often die. It is all to appease the inflated egos and callous desires of a very […]

Child Casualities In Yemen Grow As Saudis Jackboots March On

The following article looks ate the incidence of both child causalities and fatalities in the ongoing terror in Yemen. Today, it seems that nations have no concern for the children caught up in conflict. State agencies have not evolved as humanitarians, they have merely improved their methods of slaughtering people, including children. That is a […]

Yemeni Forces Target Saudi Oil Infrastructure

As the Saudi regime continues to conduct an illegal war against the population of Yemen, it appears that the Yemenis are not going to willingly play the role of victims. Recent rocket strikes within Saudi Arabia will have come as a shock to the Wahhabi fascists who control that oil-rich nation. Western powers, and Israel, […]

Abby Martin Meets Noam Chomsky

In this short interview, Abby chats with the noted social observer and commentator, Noam Chomsky. Chomsky points out the hypocrisy involved when the US media scream loudly whenever US citizens die, whilst remaining apathetic when many more foreign citizens die at the hands of the imperialist forces of the US. He is critical of the […]

ISIS And Israel Make Good Bedfellows

This article from Mint Press, an independent news outlet based in the US, clearly demonstrates what those of us with our eyes wide open have long known. Namely, that Israel is working in concert with sections of ISIS. ISIS opposes Iran. It has recently committed terrorist acts in Iran. ISIS opposes the Syrian leader, Assad, […]