Children Of Yemen – A Heartbreaking Portrait

It’s the crisis that the governments of the West want to smother. The conflict in Yemen has created a human catastrophe to rival any and it’s all avoidable. The problem is Saudi Arabia and its ruthless pursuit of total domination of the Arabian Peninsula. The Wahabbi regime is being assisted in their quest for power by the governments of the US, UK and Israel.

Without tacit approval from these sources, and the supply of missiles and other military equipment, there would be no real war. If there was no war then there would be no famine and, therefore, there would be no children starving to death or likewise dying from the effects of malnutrition. It’s all avoidable.

The following presentation is tough to watch. The sight of children suffering is not for the faint of heart. The little boy in the static photo of the video is named Hajar al-Faqeh. He was 4 months old when he died on November 15th of this year. He could have been saved if politicians in the West had any sense of conscience or morality. But he’s gone and we con’t bring him back.

Rebel Voice is at a loss to understand how anyone can rest easy knowing these children are dying when it can be stopped. One phone call from Trump to the Saudis and the shelling would end, the missiles would cease to strike and the ports would be opened fully to receive food aid. Phone calls from the heads of state for European nations would be enough to pressurize the Saudis and Trump into compliance with basic requirements of decency. War crimes and crimes against humanity would stop.

Yet that is not happening. No calls. No action. No concern. If cornered, politicians will offer mealy-mouthed words of disapproval but it means nothing. Only action matters. Every child that dies in Yemen is a statement of the inherent moral corruption that exists in political circles across this planet. Every young life lost is a damning indictment of just how broken the systems are that we call normal.

Rebel Voice asks that every person who reads this, please contact a local government representative and express your anger. Even one letter, email or phone call will help. It’s the least we can do. The one other thing we can all do is never forget and never forgive those responsible for this human carnage, and those who stood idly by and watched when they could have moved to stop it.

If you care about this issue, please tell others

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