Yemeni Children Bear The Brunt Of War

As unpleasant as war is for adults, it is much worse for children. The young rely on grown-ups to protect them. They seek reassurance from the older members of their families and wider society. When war hits, children are left feeling even more vulnerable as there is no one to keep them safe. Parents can’t stop bombs from falling or missiles from striking.

The war in Yemen has been instigated by anti-Iranian forces with the assistance of the US and UK. It is part of a power game that is being played out across the Middle East. Israel has a central role in this. If the conflict involved only combatants, then we could better look the other way, as soldiers are prepared to fight and die. However, when airstrikes kill children, again and again and again, then those with a conscience cannot turn away.

The actions of Saudi Arabia and the UAE are unconscionable. They are interfering in a national dispute that is none of their business. Yet they continue. If both the UK and US were to state their immediate opposition to the continuance of this slaughter on the civilian and child population of Yemen, then the Saudis would cease and lives would be saved. Children’s lives would be saved.

There can be no escaping responsibility. Western nations are complicit in the premeditated carnage that is taking place in Yemen. Perhaps it’s time that the people of those nations stepped forward to voice their anger and disgust at the immoral behaviour of their respective governments.

If you care about this issue, please tell others

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