Abby Martin Interview On Future Of Empire Files and Social Media

In this interview, we hear the well-informed views of the humanitarian, journalist and social activist, Abby Martin, as she discusses recent moves by the US Federal government to censor the Free Voice. Martin, from the United States, who was previously a journalist with Russia Today, had a very successful online program called The Empire Files […]

Yemeni Children Bear The Brunt Of War

As unpleasant as war is for adults, it is much worse for children. The young rely on grown-ups to protect them. They seek reassurance from the older members of their families and wider society. When war hits, children are left feeling even more vulnerable as there is no one to keep them safe. Parents can’t […]

Mughal Empire – Rise And Fall Of An Indian Power

The Mughals were an Islamic Empire that ruled India for about 200 years. Some their leaders were known as relatively progressive for the time and best remembered for their architectural projects, the most widely known of which is the magical Taj Mahal. Their glory days was based around tolerance but a lack of tolerance was […]

Professor Speaks On Maduro Venezuelan Victory

Although incumbent President Maduro comfortably won the recent national elections in Venezuela, many western and western-controlled governments have refused to acknowledge the results as valid. These authorities are all Capitalist and therefore fervently opposed to any socialist success. Yet for all its troubles, most of which have been formulated by western imperialism to divide the […]

Russia And China Call For Respect For Venezuelan Election Results

After Nicolas Maduro’s resounding victory in the Venezuelan general election, there have been calls from two super-powers for other nations, most notably the US, to respect the results. The calls come as the US has tried to rubbish the election before they took place, and continues to pursue an agenda that would see the Latin […]

Genghis Khan In 8 Minutes

Temujin was a Mongolian chieftain who became one of the greatest and most influential rulers the world has ever known. Not bad for a lad who lived in poverty for many years and escaped from imprisonment in a wooden cage. He went on to unite the tribal confederations of Mongolia, and shaped them into the […]

Empire Files – Abby Martin

In this edition of the Empire Files, we find Abby Martin exploring the truth behind the false claims by western media and governments regarding the government of Venezuela. It is clear that the current problems being experienced by the Venezuelan people have been created by the US and those forces within Venezuela in the employ […]

Zapatista Movement Explained

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) is a socialist movement of mainly First Nations peoples who fought the Federal government of Mexico more than 20 years ago in an effort to improve living conditions for the oppressed and marginalized citizens of the southern Chiapas region of Mexico. Their spokesperson was the mysterious Subcommandante Marcos, […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Facebook

Lately, a regular contributor to this blog was telling us about a recent ban that was forced upon him by Facebook. The exact reasoning for the ban was never made clear and he is none the wiser as to why it was imposed as his activities had not changed. The ban centred around a prohibition […]

Ireland In Chains

From the novel, ‘The Deadlands‘: ‘One percent of the population controls everything. That’s how it is here. That’s how it was all over the world. That’s how it has always been throughout human history. America sponsored the idea of freedom.’ The author has spoken true words. The US has continually sponsored the idea of freedom, […]