Abby Martin Interview On Future Of Empire Files and Social Media

In this interview, we hear the well-informed views of the humanitarian, journalist and social activist, Abby Martin, as she discusses recent moves by the US Federal government to censor the Free Voice.

Martin, from the United States, who was previously a journalist with Russia Today, had a very successful online program called The Empire Files in which she investigated many crucial issues across the globe, specializing in scrutiny of the actions of the right-wing US government. Trump’s regime moved quickly to shut down the popular program as well as encouraging Facebook in its pogroms against non-MSM news outlets.

Abby Martin is someone who knows that of which she speaks. She has travelled the globe frequently and met with people on the ground. She has risked her life to get the truth out to those who are receptive to it. It’s clear that the Establishment/Surplass realized that The Empire Files posed a threat to their schemes. They will tolerate no dissent.

Listen to Abby as she explains how and why the media and online world have become the primary battle field between the forces of good, personified in the guise of Socialism, and those of evil, who present in the ghoulish form of both Capitalism and Zionism. The information contained within, and the data supplied is shocking. It makes for a gripping and infuriating story.

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