Abby Martin Interview On Future Of Empire Files and Social Media

In this interview, we hear the well-informed views of the humanitarian, journalist and social activist, Abby Martin, as she discusses recent moves by the US Federal government to censor the Free Voice. Martin, from the United States, who was previously a journalist with Russia Today, had a very successful online program called The Empire Files […]

The Empire Files – The Tyranny Of Big Oil

In this episode, Abby Martin investigates the influence, methodology and ruthless power of the US oil industry. This is yet another informative documentary by the prominent US journalist. – If you care, give it a share –

Empire Files – Massacre Of Colombian Farmers

The situation in Colombia is an under-reported nightmare, facilitated by the US Empire. The Colombian government is controlled by the US regime. It continually makes war upon the people there. Those same people are forcibly moved from their lands to better accommodate the greed-driven agendas of the multi-national corporations who want the land for their […]

Interview With Subcommandante Marcos Of The Zapatistas

Rebel Voice is pleased to be able to present an interview with the spokesperson and one of the leaders of the socialist Zapatista movement, Subcommandante Marcos. In this piece, Marcos discusses the position of the oppressed peoples of the Americas in relation to global Capitalism, especially as espoused by the USA. – If you care, […]