The Empire Files – Right-wing Lies Swamp Venezuela

The current attacks on the democratically elected government of Venezuela by the US Empire, and its puppets, stand in clear contravention of all internationally accepted standards of official conduct. Although this is not the first time that the Empire has tried to take back control of Venezuela and its massive oil reserves, it is the first time that they have been so blatant and persistent in their aggressive machinations.

The emergence of the internet has meant that everything the US have done in that beleaguered Latin American nation has received coverage on a global scale. The US Empire is working furiously to smother the truth about their operations to, firstly, destabilize the Venezuelan government and, secondly, then insert their own dictator, already chosen.

This violent farce engineered by the Empire cannot be allowed to succeed. Should the Venezuelan military break ranks and fall into line behind the banner of US imperialism, then Latin America will be lost to greed, corruption and total exploitation.

It is no exaggeration to say that the future of that part of our world toady hangs in the balance. It is also no stretch to think that perhaps the global conflict that the hawks of the Empire dream of, will begin in South America. Let’s hope that the good people of the United States will soon intervene to prevent further death and bloodshed as Empire lackeys kid and con a gullible populace into violently destroying what noble Chavez fought so hard to build.

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