The Empire Files – Right-wing Lies Swamp Venezuela

The current attacks on the democratically elected government of Venezuela by the US Empire, and its puppets, stand in clear contravention of all internationally accepted standards of official conduct. Although this is not the first time that the Empire has tried to take back control of Venezuela and its massive oil reserves, it is the […]

Venezuelan Election Run-down

As Venezuelans go to the polls to elect a leader, here’s a brief run-down of what you need to know about elections in the oil-rich nation. – If you care about these issues, please share this –

Global Legacy Of Fidel Castro

This article looks at the influence that Fidel Castro had across the globe and across generations. His presence was a positive in a world sadly devoid of good governance. The Earth is a poorer place for the passing of El Comandante. Rebel Voice still mourns the loss. – If you care, give it a share […]

Russia Defends Venezuela From Capitalist-Inspired Forced Starvation

In Venezuela, the capitalists – who are also the ones fomenting the current unrest – own huge plantations that produce the nations basic food staples. They can play with the quantities as they see fit. Such tactics cause untold problems for the people and the government. As such capitalists, aka the Surplass, wish to see […]

Venezuela Says No To Stuffy Old Farts And Their Paperwork

President Maduro is surely justified in making whatever changes to the Venezuelan constitution are necessary in order to give greater control to the people, and provide greater protections for them. Many constitutions, and I include Ireland here, are antiquated and out of touch with modern societies. Whilst no one should throw the baby out with […]

Venezuela Leaving Right-wing OAS Control Behind

The following article from the Latin American media centre, teleSur, is very informative regarding the recent right-wing violence in Venezuela, and the subsequent decision by the socialist government of Venezuela to leave the Organisation of American States (OAS). The OAS is controlled by the US, and favours right-wing governments of the Americas, at the expense […]

Venezuela Under Siege From Right-wing Capitalists

This highly informative article from teleSur reveals the truth regarding the right-wing insurrection that is currently taking place in Venezuela. As stated in the intro, the western media is complicit in events in that Latin American nation, as they not only remain silent about the true facts behind the outbreak of violence, they also actively […]

US Vultures Wants Venezuelan Oil, Will Kill To Get It.

Oil.Oil.Oil. Venezuela has it. The US wants it. It’s no coincidence that Venezuela is the one nation that the Surplass of the United States has focused it’s malevolent gaze upon. No other Latin American nation has the oil reserves of Venezuela. A coup was instigated by the capitalist hawks of the US, when Hugo Chavez […]

Venezuela Under Attack by US-backed Insurgents of Greed

The capitalists of the west are responsible for stirring up the trouble documented in the following article from teleSur. They care little about the human cost of their greed and ruthless ambitions. The United States is instigating further unrest in Venezuela, so that it might eventually get unrestricted access to the vast oil reserves there. […]